Yulia Niko: it's all about spreading good vibes

Following an impressive run of critically acclaimed releases over the past few months, boundary-pushing Ibiza-based DJ, producer and Mixmag cover star Yulia Niko now readies the latest weapon in her ever-expanding musical arsenal with the announcement of a huge new remix for Moullinex & GPU Panic's immense house cut See Me Burn.

Out now via esteemed Lisbon-based imprint Discotexas, Yulia's remix sees the globe-trotting producer offer up her own resplendent interpretation of the mind-bending, six-minute single, as she puts her inimitable stamp one of the biggest house tracks of 2022.

Delivering a beautifully nuanced underground house cut, awash with luscious organic textures, restrained rhythms and a blissful groove that bolsters the record across its duration, Yulia's remix is an absolute masterclass from the off. Subtle yet majestic, the remix is produced with the poise and elegance of an artist who has been captivating minds with her music over the past few years – an artist whose ability to link innovative production with consensual reception making her one of the most unique and original figures in the game.

We caught up with the lovely Yulia Niko to find out more...

Hello Yulia, great to have you with us for the first time! How are you today?
— Hello Radio Intense! Today I feel quite "intense" because it's my first show in Amnesia, Ibiza and it's kinda a big deal. I am happy that I still feel the excitement before a gig.
Massive congratulations on your remix of "See Me Burn" on Discotexas. Can you talk to us more about this release and how it came about?
— This is actually a really funny story. I always check promos that labels email to me and try to comment on them, as I know it's very important. Once I saw a promo from Moullinex "See Me Burn" and I wrote something like "wow, such a nice record, great material for remix". I did it without any intention and I didn't even expect such a great producer would want my remix.

Two weeks later, I got an email from his manager that they saw my comment and they wanted my remix exactly on this song. It was hilarious and of course I said yes right away. But the best part of the story, we also got in touch and 3 weeks later we met for dinner in Lisbon and decided that in exchange for the remix we will do a collaboration track on my upcoming album. So it's not over, the next record with Moullinex is ready and you will be able to hear it I guess by the end of 2022.
Going back to your early raving days, can you tell us when you fell in love with electronic music?
— I have been in love with it since 11ish years old. I watched some DVD's from Tiesto concerts at beach parties in Bora Bora Ibiza. I guess in the early 2000s that was all about. But I never dreamed about being a Dj or musician. I just loved to hear this kind of music and rave at home in front of the TV.
Why did you choose to pursue a deeper style house and techno over other genres of electronic music? What is it about the genre that you love so much?
— For me it was a long journey until I arrived at this point. But after I met Damian Lazurus and fell in love with his way of playing music, he then signed my first melodic EP on Rebellion, I kinda found my own purpose in this industry. For me it's all about spreading good vibes and this music is something spiritual compared with techno or the other music I used to play in the beginning. I also love Jazz and Bossanova very much, some sexy and light groovy stuff so the music which I play represents my classic style very much.
You've had an incredibly successful year so far. What have been some of the biggest moments?
— I really loved my April North & South America tour. Probably the best 3 shows of life lol. It Started with a party at Machu Picchu, Pure and moved to Coachella and Desert Hearts festival. I am so looking forward to coming back next year to the same places and having fun again. But now Ibiza season is full on so let's see what I say after it ends.
Talk to us about your new Scenarios project…
— It's an amazing project we started this year and I am so proud of all we have done so far. We hear a lot of feedback that our production does not sound like anyone else, so our idea actually worked out. We wanted to see what we can come up with as 5 producers from different countries. We keep working and next 3 EPs are already scheduled together with some events we are planning and we will play all five b2b.
Looking forwards, do you have any goals or objectives you would like to achieve in the future as an artist?
— I really enjoy my ride now, a lot of shows and seeing people happy and telling me that I am their favorite artist on the radar. I would just be so happy if it continues this way and of course continue to grow. I don't know where it will bring me at the end but the most important it's to stay happy and healthy. Of course, I am very much looking forward for my debut Album to come out and maybe things will change for the better. I am excited.
Can you mention a few pieces of your studio equipment that you're really loving at the moment?
— Legendary SH101 is the one I can't live without, Minilogue and TB303…I think it's a perfect starter pack to create a nice groove.
Where can we see you DJ over the coming months?
— Everywhere lol but yeah, we decided to take a little break with US touring and dedicate time to Ibiza and Europe. Between Mykonos and Ibiza you can catch me up somewhere around Germany and Israel as well. But then back to the US for Burning man and some other shows.
Finally, do you have any other projects coming up soon that you'd like to share with us?
— As I mentioned, the album incoming end of the year. Some other EP's on "Scenarios", my remix for Nhii on Flying Circus plus a very special remix for African girl Desiree.. I have more requests now but I think I also need a little break and reset after the album.