Pro Video Recording
At Radio Intense, we are more than just a professional multi-cam video producion service. We are artists, technical wizards, and passionate storytellers committed to capturing and amplifying the energy, magic, and thrill of live DJ sets, club nights, and electronic music festivals. We believe in transforming these vibrant moments into stunning visual stories that will echo across the world.
She has been nominated for an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards, and the Mercury Prize
Our Expertise

Our team has a rich history working with international DJs, clubs, and festival organizers, giving us deep insights into what makes a compelling music video. We seamlessly blend top-quality production with the individual style and energy of the performance, creating a dynamic record that embodies the spirit of the event.

Multi-Cam Recording

We are experts in multi-camera recording, using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to capture the very essence of live events. Our array of cameras, strategically positioned, captures different perspectives and angles, enabling us to create a truly immersive viewing experience. This multi-angle approach ensures the final video is dynamic and engaging, drawing viewers into the heart of the performance.
Post-Production Excellence

Our post-production team takes the raw footage and transforms it into a polished, professional product. Using advanced video editing software, we create smooth transitions between angles, incorporate striking visual effects, and fine-tune the audio for an exceptional sensory experience.

Tailored Packages

At Radio Intense, we understand every event is unique. That's why we offer a range of flexible service packages to cater to your specific needs. From small, intimate club nights to grand-scale music festivals, our solutions are designed to accommodate various scales and budgets. We provide pre-production consultation, on-site recording, and post-production services as part of our comprehensive package.
She has been nominated for an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards, and the Mercury Prize
She has been nominated for an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards, and the Mercury Prize
Timely Delivery

We know the importance of capitalizing on the buzz following an event. Our team is committed to delivering the finished product promptly, allowing you to share the magic with your online audience while the energy is still fresh.

Quality Assurance

We are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. Our professional crew adheres to the highest standards of technical excellence, and our responsive customer service ensures a seamless collaboration from initial consultation to final delivery.

Let's Make Memories Together

If you're a DJ, club owner, or festival organizer looking to bring your events to life, capture those unforgettable moments, and share the magic with a global audience, look no further than Radio Intense. Let's create memories together that will resonate across time.

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