Your video on Radio Intense
Requirements & guidelines for video submission
Very important
Minimum 3 high quality cameras, with good angles.
You can play the tracks released on the labels of Area Verde Music:
Area Verde, Saturate, Almar, Pillar, RIM, Holy to improve the chances for your video to be approved
Don't use
action cameras and
mobile phones
Minimum Resolution: 1920x1080
4K - recommended (+)
FPS: 24/25/30 (avoid 50/60 fps)
- Cameras switch should fit to music which means it should fit the track's bars in average on the 7th second / 16th beat.
- We recommend you to use the regular CUT transitions changing the angles.
- Please pay much attention to the edit of the video
- Interesting & Cool location (+)
- Outside + drone (+)
- Make sure that the connection wires are stacked neatly or are located out of the camera frame (+)
- Dynamic camera on smooth gimbal (+)
- No talk during session
- Please avoid using cheap dynamic (disco) lighting devices
- Duration: 50 min minimum, 120 min maximum
- Avoid using TV and Projector screens
- NO chroma key VJing
- No children in the video
- No mobile phones during recording
- Video should be exclusive and not published anywhere before
- The first track of the mix is very important! Please select it carefully.

(+) - compliance with this clause increases the chances of your
video to be accepted

It's necessary to prepare tracklist with labels and timestamps.

Please use pro equipment only:
- Pioneer CDJ-2000\3000 decks
- DJM-900\V10 Mixers
- Xone Mixers
- Technics 1210
- NO laptops & controllers

Even if the DJ play only with 2 CDJs - we still recommend you to have 4 CDJs on the dj booth. The video will look way better (+)
The video should be without watermarks / logos or any other trademarks, etc.
Both digital and physical, including the drinks.
Please avoid placing the banners with your DJ or Label name.
Avoid the underexposure or overexposure shots
Take care about the cable management (or adjust the angles to hide the cables).
Avoid leaving space between players & mixer.
NO mobiles phones while recording!
Submit your own video for
Radio Intense or request to
record the session in your city
Please read carefully all requirements before submitting the form!