Xinobi: the Portuguese melancholy is definitely a part of me

We are happy to welcome another talent to Radio Intense - Xinobi!

Xinobi is a part of a generation that grew up within the music-blog eruption fueled by Do-It-Yourself ethics. Together with his friends and work-partners Moullinex and Mr. Mitsuhirato he gave birth to the still-growing-influent Discotexas.

After releasing a few solid EP's on Discotexas as well as Anjunadeep, Frau Blau, Do No Sit, MoBlack, Radiant and Ministry of Sound, he gained real recognition among more established and well-known artists and opinion-makers, as his underground cult amplified. Further helped by releasing remixes, edits, and reworks for artists such as Joris Voorn, O Terno, Crooked Colours, Moullinex, Luca Musto, Nicolas Jaar, Toro Y Moi, Agnes Obel, Kraak & Smaak, John Grant, Kris Menace and Riva Starr, it just proved Bruno Cardoso's ability to re-arrange amazing music into a new universe.

Today we sat down with Xinobi to get behind the brains of his forthcoming album 'Balsame'!
Thanks for joining us today. So first up, what does Xinobi stand for or mean?
— You're welcome. Thanks for inviting me. I came up with Xinobi just because I was a big fan of the 80s arcade game Shinobi. I changed the 'Sh' for a 'X' and start using it on myspace, and when I noticed I had already some following and the name was being recognised do I decide to adopt it more seriously.
You are of course from Lisbon; how do you feel the surroundings of Portugal and Lisbon have influenced you musically over the years?
— I think in the beginning it might not have influenced much musically, maybe because I was looking more into taking my music abroad thus neglecting my own surroundings and the absolutely amazing opportunities to sound unique by bringing your roots into new musical paradigms. For me It became clear, specially in the past 8 years, that adding more Portuguese influences would benefit my sound a lot. And I'm not just talking about adding vocals in Portuguese or having traditional instruments. Local moods and melodies are actually what I think I incorporated the most in my music, even if it isn't super noticeable: The Portuguese melancholy is definitely a part of me.
We can no doubt hear a different sound to this album, than most other dance orientated released. Can you describe your new album in 3 words?
— Poetic. Thoughtful. Hopeful.
It follows a very artistic approach, especially with the music videos. Can you tell us who directed these and their goal?
— Actually the videos were directed by my wife, Lydie Barbara. Her idea was to make a 4 chapter video, each one focused on a woman, in this case the 4 singers on the album, and illustrate the thematics of the entire album. Quoting her: "Through four chapters we will discover intimately four women who come together to challenge the establishment". Starting with "La Tormenta" that "Shows us a woman who, with help of mystical forces and from her peers, manages to survive centuries of patriarchy". The same applies to the other 3, but with their own personality: Arâm being more political and revolutionary, Margarida Encarnação a woman with a beautiful soul adventuring her self through adverse but exciting experiences, and finally Alem-I Adastra, a mystic soul remembering us the beauty and the danger of getting in love and eventually ending up in trouble.
Can you tell us one track you feel connects with you the most on the album and why?
— I love all of them, but I would say Phénix, as I feel it's the central nerve of the album with poem so well written and so boldly sang by Arâm. I feel all my punk rock roots are there, my passion for social conscience driven hip hop is there as well. She illustrates the rage of those that are unknown and voiceless. She sings about rebellion to transform the world. To burn the (bad) old and entering with the new.
Some very different collaborators are featured, how did you go about choosing artists to be on this project with you?
— I don't see it as choosing, because I'm really spontaneous on approaching someone for collaborate. For example, with Meta_ and Alem-I Adastra, I just watched their playing live and immediately felt like reaching out to them. I think it has been like this most of the times. Spontaneous.
What do you plan to do after the album drops on the 8thApril?
— Well, tour for a bit, release some remixes of the album from artists that I really admire - Anja Schneider, Chambord, Adam Ten and also from my label - Discotexas - family: Moullinex, Mad Rodd, Klin Klop and GPU Panic.
Finally, what makes you unique?
— My ADN? hehe. With all my honesty, I don't know what to reply. I'm pretty sure I have something unique-ish. I think my friends would reply to that much easier