Xenia (UA): It's all about love

Today we are presenting you a rising techno star - Xenia (UA). Xenia is a young artist from Kyiv. She began her career in 2015.
Xenia has an excellent musical taste, technique and incredible ability to give dance energy to the audience. Her YouTube videos have reached millions of views. We spoke with Xenia about her artistic development, her new release with Alberto Ruiz "Take Off" and launching of Numen label where she is a co-owner.
— Hello Xenia! Firstly, thank you for being here with us. How are you?
— Hi, guys! I'm great thanks, hope so are you. Thank you for the invitation, it's a pleasure for me.
You're definitely a rising techno star from Ukraine. What do you think about your artistic development and appearance on social media?
— I am very flattered that you called me so, my biggest dream actually. It's all about love. When I discovered Techno music for myself, I realized that it was mine and immediately wanted to become a part of this culture. It's so nice to do what you love and what gives you a boost of positive energy every day. I don't have days out of Techno. I always play, listen and also for the last few years produce Techno tracks. That helps me tremendously in my artistic development. A year ago I had my first release on Codex, one of the greatest Techno labels, thanks to which I lit up on Beatport. I'm lucky that my YouTube videos reach a lot of views, this promotes my work very well. Social networks are very pleased with the activity of my subscribers, their growth is constantly accelerating and I receive many messages from my fans and people who love techno with such wonderful words. I'm very grateful to all these people because they inspire me to do more and do better!
— What about the Ukrainian scene? What would be the highlights of the industry over there?
— The scene in Ukraine is definitely rising. We have a lot of techno events. Of course, COVID-19 made some adjustments, but overall clubs, events and open airs keep happening and develop. This year I've taken park in Codex Showcase in Kyiv and Odessa, Deepcode in Odessa and SVET - a unique project on a boat in Kyiv.
In general, more and more Ukrainian artists are entering the international scene, and Ukraine is becoming an attractive market for foreign artists.
You, Key M and R.A.N recently launched the brand-new techno label called "Numen" under the management of IAMT Music. What do you expect from the label?
— First of all, we expect a constant stream of cool music released on Numen. Our plans are to deal with the best techno artists, find tracks released on the label in the main charts and on dance floors all over the world. Also, over time, we want to make branded parties, but this is a bit later.
What goals do you put for Numen in the nearest future?
— It would be cool to showcase, strengthen the brand, attract more artists who I personally respect and play in my sets. The label is primarily a platform for strengthening interaction with artists, this is what I would like to have and this is what I will be working on with the whole team in the upcoming year.
The first release "Take Off" on Numen is yours together with Alberto Ruiz. Tell us more about the EP.
— It's a very funny story actually. I played Alberto's tracks, he saw it and we started to chat. Of course, I realized that as an artist I needed to develop my production. Alberto told me many times that I needed to open my own label, and of course this greatly influenced my thoughts and decisions. We have been friends for a year and a half and I thought it would be a great idea to launch my own label by releasing a joint release with Alberto.
How did you manage the production process with Alberto Ruiz?
Take Off" is our third with Alberto Ruiz collaboration. We had first "Off" EP on his Stick Recordings in 2019 and second "Clouds Of Dreams" last August. It was a great honor for me when Alberto offered to do a joint release last year, then I sent him my ideas for the tracks which he, as a great master, completed. This year I was very happy to offer Alberto to do the same collaboration to make tracks for the first release on my label Numen.
What else can we expect from Xenia in 2020?
Unfortunately, I cannot brag about my participation in many parties in 2020, as due to the pandemic there are almost none. This is a big problem for all market participants and not only ours. Producing music helps not to get discouraged by it. Until the end of this year, I have a lot of releases planned. On October 9th I will release the track "Resoluble" in the "ADE Selection 2020 compilation" on one of my favorite labels Set About, later in October my joint track with Gaston Zani will be released on his we(R)aw label and in November also collaboration with Gaston Zani on Numen. I am going to take part in a few live-streams from cool interesting locations in my city of Kyiv for Radio Intense.