Who Else: the desire and need to create music differently

Today Radio Intense had a pleasure to talk to the Argentinian musical gem - Who Else!

Paulo Malde, aka Who Else is an international artist who produce and play Melodic Techno, Indie Dance and Afro House music. He has reached a level that not many Argentinian professionals did in the electronic music scene and was considered by DJ Mag Latinoamerica as one of the top south american producers of the moment.

In the field of production, Who Else has signed with massive labels like Get Physical, Balance Series, Toolroom, Defected, Knee Deep In Sound, Stereo, Eleatics and Eklektisch among others, reaching the Beatport Top 100 multiple times, and Steve Lawler included tracks from him on BBC Essential Mix.

We talked to the talent about the beginning of his career, new release "Hypnotic" on Area Verde and many more things. Dig it in right now!
— Hi Who Else! How are you doing? Thank you for having time for Radio Intense.
— Hello, I'm doing well, thank you too for this interview and letting talk a bit of me to your community.
— Let's talk about the beginning of your career. How did you start DJing and producing music?
— Let see, I started in 2005 under my old alias "Electrobios", being a finalist in all of Argentina in the Heineken Thirst contest, that prompted me to get to play in the main cities of my country. The following year I got my first presentation in Brazil where some time later they hired me in a DJ agency and I was able to play all over the country.

Regarding the production in 2007 I had my first release in "Anjuna Deep" which was very important to be recognized in countries where I had not yet arrived. They also invited me to play for the first time at the WMC in the United States. That was how in each trip I was meeting new people and receiving invitations to play in more and more places.
— How can you describe your project "Who Else"? What is a story behind the name "Who Else"?
— The Who Else project was born from the desire and need to create music different from what I had been doing with my previous alias, desire because I always like new challenges to be able to improve myself day by day, and the need because I had been following many great labels that I liked them, but I felt that my music did not fit with them, and that's how I created the new project. When looking for the name, I thought of something like who else could it be, myself.
— Which genre can you define as your sound?
— It is difficult to define my genre because I play and produce several, but in short I find myself between Melodic Techno, Indie Dance and Progressive House.
— Your new release "Hypnotic" will be out soon on Area Verde. What do you expect from the release?
— I agreed to produce an original track for Area Verde after my live stream on "Radio Intense" in Patagonia Argentina. I feel like it is a good opportunity to show my work to your fans.
— You are from Argentina. Can you tell us 3 best electronic music venues in your opinion worth to visit there?
— I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I am currently a resident and work at "ZEF" (@zefclub) one of the best parties in Buenos Aires, also two months ago we just opened our own label called ZEF Music and I feel very enthusiastic about both projects. If I had to recommend two other parties, I think it would be "La Estacion" in the city of Cordoba, and the Punta Carrasco complex on the waterfront of my city.
— Any other exciting projects coming up soon?
— I'm waiting for things to normalize a bit with the pandemic in my country so that I can go back to doing my tours that I had been doing regularly. I also have some remixes waiting to be released along with other original tracks on good labels which I will be announcing very soon.