Wheats: you can expect me to be playing pretty much all over this year

We are glad to present to you our next guest - Wheats!

In just a short space of time, Wheats has become one of the most exciting new artists out there right now, sitting at the forefront of the UK's surging wave of rising DJs and producers making an impact on the global scene. Famed for his hypnotic grooves, Wheats continues to impress with every r ecord. Releasing cuts on Hottrax , Kaluki , Circus & Solid Grooves , Wheats enjoys the backing of some of the biggest names in the underground scene : Jamie Jones, Kerri Chandler, Michael Bibi & Marco Carola.

We talked to the young star about his new remix of Francesco Parente & Josh Kalker - "Lost In Paradise" coming on Hot Creations and other projects. Enjoy!
— Hey thanks for talking to us today. Whereabouts are you speaking to us from?
— No worries at all. Great to be connected! Just finished a weekend in Italy, UK & Spain so finally have some time to think again ha! Just got back into the studio today in Brighton to get back to it.
We're speaking to you today regarding the remix you have done for Francesco Parente and Josh Kalkers' Lost In Paradise on Hot Creations. It's a great remix I must say. What brought you guys together for this?
— Thanks! I am really happy with the reactions it's getting in the clubs and I can't wait for it to come out. So over the past few years Jamie Jones has shown me tons of support with Hottrax & Paradise (which I am forever thankful for) and also supported all my music on my own label BOX RED & others.. So after Paradise at Creamfields in 2021 he asked me if I'd be down to do a remix for Hot Creations. It was a no brainer! Always a dream to release with Jamie and his team, plus Hot Creations was a big goal from the beginning.
Lockdown affected many, if not all of us in different ways. How were you affected by this change and is the remix inspired by this?
— In many ways lockdown helped me, it gave me time to think where I wanted to be and how to get there. Obviously it put some mental strain on things, frustration was one of them. But now we are back to it and touring again it makes you appreciate life more to pre covid. The sounds of the remix most definitely are from lockdown, I crafted many beats and I took some sounds and techniques from that time.
— Can you tell us about your early musical influences and what first led you to producing and DJing?
— My introduction to club culture came as a young child watching my Dad DJ whilst peering over his record boxes in our flat at the time. It wasn't long until aged 14 I was sneaking into bars before the bouncers arrived to DJ myself playing house music inspired by my father. My Dad's taste was the old school vibe of the 90s mainly. So I grew up listening to the likes of Strictly Rhythm, Tidy Trax, Loop D' Loop etc..
— We'd love to hear about your creative process when making music. How do you usually approach making a track and do you have any favorite pieces of equipment in particular?
— I usually just groove with some sounds to start with and work out what works together first with a certain element I'd like the track to move around i.e vocal, bassline, synth etc. Then from then I would run it through some processing techniques to get the track to sit correctly. Currently enjoying the new Bass VST from Woodlands studios - Wolsa Bass, something to check out for sure.
— You're born and raised in the UK. What were your earliest clubbing experiences/parties you attended and how have they shaped you today?
— Earliest would be sneaking into a bar when I was 14-15 to play to no one.. but I realised what I wanted was when I was at DC-10 Paradise, the vibe of the party and the way the sounds were sounding on these nights were like no other.
— We can finally say things are going back to normal now after a tedious couple of years. Where can our readers expect to see you over the next few months?
— Looking forward to this year, it's going to be one to remember for sure with the Ibiza season back! You can expect me to be playing pretty much all over this year, very busy indeed! All I can say is look out for my ibiza dates..
Thanks guys.