West Cartel: getting everyone in the same vibe!

Radio Intense is happy to present to you our next guests - West Cartel!

West Cartel is a Dutch Dj/Producer duo formed in 2015, consisting of Tim Krikken & Houtan Notash. They where mainly focused on EDM / House back in the days with releases on several smaller and medium sized labels. In January 2021 their love for Melodic Techno & House became so big they decided to start over with the West Cartel concept and focused on Melodic Techno & House.

We talked to the duo about their experience and upcoming releases "Arpadox" on Area Verde. Read now to find out more!
— Hello guys! How are thing things going? Thanks for answering these questions!
— Hello! Things are going great, We're super excited for our first release in the melodic techno since we switched genres at the beginning of 2021. We spend a full year purely focusing on the genre we fell in love with ( Melodic Techno & House) after we produced and released EDM & House for several years. thank you so much for interviewing us, it's a pleasure!
— Please, tell us more about the start of your career. How did you start DJing and producing? How did you decide to work as a duo?
So the funny part about this is that we'd actually met via a birthday party of a mutual friend! , If I'm correct she was celebrating her 45th birthday (so , not your typical "electro/house party" as we used to play a lot back in the days) Her husband introduced us to each other, Houtan handed over the set for a good 50 mins , after that we played b2b and killed the party and so West Cartel was born.
— Your new release "Arpadox" will be out soon on Area Verde. How do you feel about this release? What was your inspiration?
Back in the days when I ( Tim ) studied at the conservatory, I was in the same class as Hollt ( an upcoming talent in the Melodic Techno) We gained a lot of inspiration from him. We also came across some other artist when listening to Hollt, such as Losless. We loved his sound and got inspiration from his sound for the track arpadox. It's an amazing mellow yet uptempo track that's perfect for switching vibes in a set.
— What can be considered as a turning point in your career? Why?
In our opinion , the perfect appreciation would be seeing more DJ's playing our tracks in their sets!

That would be the perfect reward for all the hard work! Seeing one of the bigger names playing our tracks would probably be the turning point in our career!

That way you know for sure that the track is highly respected.
— You are based in The Netherlands. Do you have your favorite venue to play and to party in the country?
We've been getting that question a lot, last month I ( Houtan ) was visiting my my family&relatives in Iran, even though YouTube had some bans for our project to get streamed via YouTube in Iran.

People/relatives/family did follow our music.

A lot of them asked me this questions and were wondering why The Netherlands is the main leader in these parties!

But to be quit honest! We can freely go to any party in whichever genre and still have the same vibe.

We visit house/techno/EDM/hardstyle/Hardcore party's !!! Annnyyything because of the atmosphere and good vibe! & Everybody is exactly in the same state of mind .

I think that's the big difference in Holland and so we cannot choose in which party would be our favourite!

But we would jump for joy to play at some nice Techno party's like Awakenings, or ADE or a party like "a day at the park" or Dance Valley ! That would be SIIIICKK!????????????
— Any other exciting projects coming up soon?
Due to the pandemic and the rules we have to follow , there's not much we can do at the moment, and the temperatures are mad in Holland for an outdoor set! But starting from this spring again we've got some amazing locations we want to attend to to record and film some great sets again so deffinitly stay tuned for that one.

We are also working on a lot of new songs, so we're also super excited for those!
— What would you like to achieve in 2022 as an artistic project "West Cartel?
Of course like all dj/producers would say to play at more parties, our songs being played by other artist, and more releases, nevertheless! If we can keep our joy in the time we're spending for our project and we can still make music & have a good time ! We think we're already blessed and just have to wait until everyone notice the fun we're having so they can tag along and get our vibe! Playing some music is one thing! But getting everyone in the same vibe! Is what makes us ONE(a cartel)????????