Walter Scalzone: authenticity always pays off

Radio Intense is happy to present to you our next guest - Walter Scalzone.

Hailing from Italy, Walter Scalzone is an international multi instrumentalist based in the Las Vegas of the Middle East, Dubai. With over 10 years of experience working with premium clients in Italy, Spain, UK, USA, China, UAE and more, he has also recorded with top electronic music producers such as Oliver Koletzki, DJ Kryder, Federico Scavo among others.

He performs hybrid DJ sets combined with rare acoustic and electronic instruments, with over 600 sounds from all over the world, allowing him the flexibility to switch between different styles of music & vibes. Giving equal amounts of importance not only to sound but also delivery, Walter's playing is energetic and this helps to enhance the visual effect of his performance. He can augment his show with the addition of multiple visual elements, among others, the first Waterdrums concept in the Middle East, touch-sensitive LED lights in his percussions, sound lasers etc, which add a significant extra air of dazzle impacting the overall experience of a venue.
— Hello Walter, a pleasure to be with you today. How are you? And whereabouts are you right now?
— Hello, I am in Italy for private events at the moment. A pleasure to be with you too and thanks for the invitation.
— What inspired you to begin your journey in the electronic music scene?
— I reckon electronic music is the best tool to touch heart and soul of people. I always been inspired by simple yet catchy melodies as well as rare sounds like the ones of a handpan.
What represent authenticity to you?
— Everything. It's your stamp, your uniqueness. It's who you really are and do…and I wouldn't feel comfortable in creating something someone else is already doing.
We see you are among the most active performers in the Middle East, how do you keep up with so many gigs?
— I try to take my moments to rest my mind first. A drink called mate also helps a lot to boost mood and energy. But there is a deeper answer to that, I have a mission in music.
Tell us more about that…
— I grew up with African children, playing the only toy that was mostly available, a djembe'. Nowadays I do what I do thanks to those entire afternoons spent trying to find rhythms, while building a sense of community and empathy, which I believe is essential in my job. Today I allocate most of my efforts to help children in need, with a long lasting association with my friend Adriano. A true hero, a missionary of God, who has built 18 water wells in Burkina Faso, allowing entire populations to survive.
You told us about a video shooted in Mongolia to raise awareness about your friend's mission. How did that happen?
— I still don't know!  When they told me that the biggest statue of Asia (the one of Changgis Khan) was getting closed to the public to shoot a video of mine I couldn't believe it. Today I see it on your youtube channel and I am glad we can all praise my friend's effort thanks to this.
— Thanks for your time today, it was inspiring! What's next in your career?
— Fly in, fly out!