Waffle & TWELF: be proud and smile

This Friday we are meeting two young artists - Waffle & TWELF.

Waffle is a French promising rising star with ambitious projects and challenges. His real name is Théo Le Roy. Theo is truly a prolific artist in constant evolution.
Twelf, aka Alan Marion - was born in Paris and moved to Australia when he was 9 years old. This expatriation allowed him to awaken his taste for music and his passion for art.

We talked to boys about their first release "I'm Fine" (together with DJ Handy) on Aorta, artistic life and future expectations. Don't wait and read more info below!
— Hello Theo. How are you doing? Where are you right now?
— Hey ! I'm very good ! I'm in Paris right now, I was in London for several months at the beginning of the year.
Tell us more about your artistic profile. How did it all start for you?
— I start playing the guitar at 10 with my best friend, and we directly start to create songs. After 4 years we created a Rock band : Distant Trip. We participated at several festivals. I discovered the experience of the stage and the meeting with the different audiences.

During that time, I discovered myself, it was the best years of my life.

The last gig we did took place on the stage of Bataclan and it was the best concert I did in all my life. I remember perfectly the sound of the bass and the kick that started our live. We had 16 yo.

I knew that's what I wanted to do in my life, and what I will do.

After that, the band broke up because of school directions. But I didn't want to end the run, so I started a solo project called "Waffle".

You know sometimes it's better to let something go, don't regret anything you did, It will always be a part of your life. Be proud of it, and smile.
And you TWELF ?
— I started on the drums and started really taking singing seriously with Waffle. He motivated me to record and write my first songs and put them out there. Now we keep on collaborating a lot.
— Who is your biggest inspiration? What are you most proud of to date?
WAFFLE: — My biggest inspiration is people around me : family, friends, lovers. I made music with all I feel, I think a lot of anything and nothing. I told stories.

And as artists, I really love Said The Sky, Illenium, William Black, Lauv, Apashe The Chainsmokers and some french artists like Mathieu Chedid, YEAST and many more.
"I'm Fine" on Aorta Records is out today! What is it about?
WAFFLE: —It talks about being able to handle a relationship and having doubts about it. All the questions that we ask ourselves and the things that we don't dare say.
Please, describe us the production process of "I'm Fine".
TWELF: — Well Waffle and I have known each other for a while now and we collaborated on a few songs together already. He was in London and he told him to come for a weekend and record some songs in the studio in London. He sent me a demo and I had written nearly all the melody and the lyrics before coming to London. We finished the writing process and recorded everything in around 3 hours. It was a great weekend and we wrote some other songs that I hope will come out soon too.
— It's three of you on the release: WAFFLE, DJ Handy and TWELF. Can you tell us more about your mutual collaboration?
WAFFLE: — DJ Handy is a young beat maker from Czech Republic. He sent me some messages on Instagram and asked to work on projects together. He sent me this guitar records at the beginning of the track. I directly fell in love with it and started composing around. We returned to each other the file and created the music.

We wanted a singer for it, so I asked my friend TWELF, whom I work a lot on several projects. He is one of the most talented singer / lyricist and musician I know.

The instrumental caught his intention and we started working on the Lyrics and Topline.
After that, we all met together in London to record the track in the Studio.
How are the things in France right now after the lockdown?
Right now, people want to go to gigs and to dance, but the music scene is very off at this time.. But many bands try to play on stage and prepare tour for the end of the year and 2021.
Which goals do you still keep for 2020?
For 2020, I will try to release 1 or 2 songs per month, try to grow and create with passion. Work with and for talented people I know, Youtubers, Singers etc…

And maybe start creating an Album ?