Vita V: the key to progress is perseverance, there is no other trick

Today we are pleased to welcome you to our next guest, Vita V!

Hailing from Spain, Vita has recently made his debut on Renaissance Records with a fantastic five-track EP by the name of 'Inspiratu'. Quickly proving himself as more than just one-to-watch, Vita V has already gained support from the likes of Solomun on 'Inspiratu' and shows no signs of slowing down.

We spoke with Vita to find out more about the EP, enjoy!
— Hello Vita, it's great to have you here today following your debut on Renaissance! Where are you based currently?
— The pleasure is mine. Now I'm living in the north part of Spain, specifically in a town called Estella that is inside the province of Navarra. The town is pretty nice so it is worth visiting actually.
— How does it feel to have your five track 'Inspiratu EP' coming out on the longstanding UK label?
— Everything has been so fast that I am still digesting it. I feel highly motivated to work hard in the studio in order to take out from me as much as I can. This motivation also includes continuing to work with Renaissance in the future and, hopefully, doing great things.
What is the story behind the EP and what inspired its creation?
— This EP was produced after a 6 months break. I bought a house that I had to renovate myself, so I was working on it for 6 months to build the studio and everything else. It was after this musical break that I decided to change my sound to something more original, something including organic sounds like crystals, woods or rattles, among others. In short, thanks to this time off from production my mind allowed me to create new and different stuff, and focus on searching for a special sound.
— We'd love to hear about how your first began in music? What first inspired you to follow your path in music?
— I have never been good at reading musical scores, indeed I hated it when I was at school. I remember faking the reading while I was playing the flute in the exams. Fortunately, I figured out the songs just by listening to them and memorising them. Together with two friends, we created a new-metal band where I sang and played the bass. After 3-4 years the electronic music drew my attention, so I started to visit some clubs in my area. This made me realise how much I loved that world, so I installed ableton live around 2011 and I learned how to use it by myself.
Which artists or types of music have influenced you the most in your life?
— Before listening to electronic music I usually listened to new metal bands, such as Hamlet, System of a Down and more local bands not very popular outside of this area (Anestesia, Jousilouli, Aizkora 47). Once I got involved in electronic music, I have always been a fan of Minus label, artists like Gaiser, Matador, Click Box or Marc Houle.
— What is your studio set up like and how do you usually approach creating a track?
— The biggest room in the aforementioned house was immediately reserved for building the studio. It is a 12m2 room that I prepared specially for it. It receives sunlight and thereby it is great to work inside for long hours. The first step to create a song is to search for a nice melody. Once I have it everything else goes in the background. I add a kick together with a bass line, and finally grooves and small details.
— What is the most important piece of equipment in your studio setup?
— Undoubtely my MAC Mini. Just with it, an ordinary monitor and a mouse. I could produce music without everything else.
— A pleasure to speak with you Vita and congrats again on the EP. To round off, is there anything else upcoming from yourself that you would like to share with us?
— Many thanks to you. Just to say that the key to progress is perseverance, there is no other trick. Best..