Unlighted: I always wanted to make my own music

Our next guest - Unlighted!

Unlighted is an Argetinian DJ & Producer previously released on such labels as IAMT Red, Numen, Kaligo Records, Gain Records, Suro Records and many more.

We talked to the talent about the beginning of his career, Argentinian nightlife, new release on Suro Records and future plans. Read it now!
Hi Unlighted! Thanks for your time. Could you present yourself to those who don't know you yet?
— My name is Ignacio Costa AKA Unlighted from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a 25 year old Techno DJ & Producer. I have signed my music to: IAMT RED, Renesanz, Numen, Extima, SURO, Alula Tunes, Dolma, Kaligo, Gain, Evil Flow, Ballroom, Rubik's, Infekted, Black Light, among others.
How does your creative process start?
— I always start the production process by the kick and bass, then I work the mid bass and add the drums, and when the groove finally makes me move my head from side to side I go for the synth stabs which is my favourite part in the process.
How and When did you start your artistic career?
— My artistic career began in 2017 when I played in my first gig with my side project in a little club here in Buenos Aires. After that I started playing in more gigs and my fan base slowly started to grow. One year later (2018) I created this project called Unlighted for my Minimal & Techno sound.
When did you realize you wanted to make your own tracks? and how did your style evolve?
— I always wanted to make my own music but i didn't have so much time or money when i was studying in the university, so i decided to wait till i finished my degree and started taking music production classes. My style was quite shitty at the beginning (hahaha), was a mix of minimal, techno and melodic techno but had not so much identity. My first release on Ballroom Records was the start of my sound evolution. Nowadays I produce Minimal Techno and Peak Time Groovy Techno. My style now is a mix of groove, arps, and lots of stabs everywhere.
How do you see the techno scene in Argentina?
— Here in Argentina the techno scene is quite big and we have lots of big artists. Personally I think the scene is not quite equal for everyone that really works hard. Lots of DJs play in the biggest clubs only because they know the ones in charge or they are friends with someone, which is quite frustrating for all the ones that work really hard and have no chance to get to the top. Lots of Argentinean talents are more famous in other countries than in their own country.

What's your opinion on the current live streaming trend among DJs?
— I think live streamings saved the scene in these hard times we lived because of the pandemic, and also the streams gave smaller djs the possibility to grow their fan base.
You have a new release coming soon on Suro Records. Please, tell us more about the production process.
— I am really happy with the result of my 'Kira' EP, i made a more groovy and different track which is 'Kira' and a harder and darker track which is 'Shinigami'. The process was really fast and enjoyable because I was fully focused and connected to the ideas of the tracks. Even though only one track has vocals from the anime 'Death Note' I decided to name both tracks with names related to the show. The EP is quite different and I think it represents me in every way.
Which artists or labels would you say affected your music and style over the years?
— I think the artists which influenced my style the most over the years in terms of Minimal and Techno are: Cirez D, Metodi Hristov, Oliver Huntemann, Martin Kinrus, Julian Jeweil, Victor Ruiz, Dimi Mechero, Carbon, Lampé, among others. And the labels which influenced me the most are: Set About, Senso Sounds, Mouseville, Terminal M, Phobos, Codex, among others.
How would you describe the current situation on the global electronic scene?
— The word that best describes the actual situation is 'weird', things are really weird right now. Things are different in every country and we don't know how things will evolve throughout the following days, months and years. Hope we can go back to normal in the following years!
What are your plans for the future?
— I have lots of plans for my future, first of all I want to sign my music to my top favourite labels, make a tour in my own country, make a tour in Europe, create my own label and I have the idea of moving to Europe in the near future to make my career grow.