TWOLATE: it started as a game, now it's a job

Today we are pleased to welcome another guest, an amazing artist duo, TWOLATE!

Born and raised in Italy, TWOLATE is an electronic music duo. In the last 2 years, the project released several club tunes on top class labels like Protocol Recordings, Armada Music (Sono Music), Sony Music Italy and many more. Their tracks, strictly influenced by tribal and etnic elements and the electro sounds, received the supports from worldwide top dj's like David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Kryder, Bob Sinclar, MK and many more.

We talked to the guys about their new release "Navajo" together with Yvvan Back on RIM and other projects. Enjoy!
— Hi guys! How are you today? Thanks for chatting with us today
— Hello, everything's fine. It's a pleasure to answer your questions.
— What are each of your first memories of the house music, how did you both get involved in DJing and producing and who were the key people in your early career that helped you craft your career in music?
— We happened to play together by pure chance, we were two DJs from the same city, the passion for house music immediately linked us. We played other DJs' stuff and we thought it would be nice if some other DJs could do it with our music. So we decided to create a unique project and started producing music together. There is no one person in particular who pushed us to pursue this career. It started as a game, now it's a job. If we do it we do it for us and above all for the people who respect us and who have always supported us. they are the gasoline of this car
Congratulations on your upcoming single 'Navajo" which was produced in a collaboration with Yvvan Back and coming on RIM. Please can you give us a bit of history about the release?
— Thank you very much. We and Yvvan are very happy for this release. The song was born above all from the friendship and esteem we have each other. Yvvan is truly a great producer and it is a pleasure to collaborate with him. As we have done in the past. Our musical styles are very similar so we thought of creating a hymn to our style, with percussion, an ethnic vocal and a sexy groove.
— What feelings are you hoping for the listener to experience from the release?
— We hope that people can listen to it at home, in the shower, in the car, on the train, anywhere. And feel positive feelings. We hope that people will listen our new single and suddenly want to go to the club.
— What studio equipment and plugins are essential for your productions?
— For us in the studio there is nothing particularly important, we believe that it is beautiful and at the same time stimulating to try to discover new sounds, new plugins, new sensations.
Where can we see you DJ somewhere soon?
— Our next date will be in the beautiful cold of Norway, let us know how many you are;)
— Thank you for your time today! To round off, is there anything else you would like to share with your readers?
— Thanks to you. The last thing we can tell you is to stay tuned with us, because we have a lot, a lot of stuff for you to listen to. therefore, see you around! Byeee!