Tryned: I have my feet on the ground but at any moment I will start to fly, and it will be impossible to stop.

Today we are welcoming another artist to our family - talented Tryned, with his new reggaeton banger "La Noche" coming on Aorta South.

Tryned is originally Tasio Mazza, born in Bellinzona, Switzerland. Till 2018 he was making music in the shadows. But Tasio Mazza wanted to grow, reveal himself to the world and that is how Tryned came to light and continue to develop very strong. Radio Intense talked to the young mind about his project, future expectations and new release "La Noche". Check it out below!
Hello Tryned! How are you doing? Thanks for being here with us today.
— Hi!I am happy to be here with you today.
Please, tell us more about yourself. What defines you as an artist? What makes you different from other artists in the industry?
— I could think about this question for weeks and do not find an exact answer. Because what defines you or does not define you as an artist? Honestly, I do not know.
But what can I say for sure, that dream is a key ingredient. I think that dreaming is a very important part of my artistic career, since without dreaming, what inspiration could I have? Could I have the confidence to launch the project? On the other hand, there is a need to express my emotions, since I started pretty simple, until I fell in love with the musical world and I can no longer stop.

I am different because I have something that most of them lack, and it is hunger. I'm hungry to eat the world, and every little step I takes me closer to reach my goal. I have my feet on the ground but at any moment I will start to fly, and it will be impossible to stop.
— What kind of music do you typically create? How the production process looks like?
— I've been dedicating myself to music as a hobby for two years, and in this time I have created more than 150 songs, although only 2 are available, and it is always an urban music. I have made songs screaming to songs crying, and in my beginnings a sad aesthetic was marked, which was the moment where I only captured the negative things of my day to day, and this was my sentimental outlet. I would say that most of the music I have created lately is more for reggaeton, but I am a very versatile artist and I do not define myself to any style. I work with producer Blackboy, and what we do is meeting together in the studio with an idea already based on some influences. We compose the beat together, I write the lyrics at the moment using notes that I have saved on my mobile, and we record it, all the same day. The next step is to send it to Icarus Studio, a renowned Milan studio where renowned artists such as "Fred de Palma" work, and there comes the Mix and Mastering.
Where do you take the inspiration for your tracks?
— Generally from my own life. I hate all these artists who only seek to pretend and in their lyrics they only tell lies, they invent stories that are not real, and they believe things that do not exist. Everyone is created in its own way and we should not be ashamed. But in Spain there are many "artists", if you can call them that, who prefer to appear to be gangsters and create a life that is not their own. Today it is fashionable to be on the street, which I really do not understand. Anyone who has a family that has an income and should not be on the street all day to get something to eat should be grateful, and not want that, because I would like to see them in that situation, because it is not pretty. Continuing with the question, everything is based on experiences, and how I have overcome them or how I livet today. The main theme is usually love, since in adolescence it is an issue that is very important in my life, but other times I also face with personal problems or false friendship.
Tell us more about your fresh release "La Noche" on Aorta South. What is a story behind the track? What are your expectations from the song?
— "La Noche" was created mainly because of a girl. A girl who after a friendship relationship had the intention of reaching more, and I did not want to. I made it clear in every way, but she went on and on, to the point that if I didn't respond to her, she would send 30 messages and call me 12 times. In the the second verse of the song I tell the girl to stop talking to me, and the rest of the song comes from a drunken night, including the catchy chorus.
I know there is also a videoclip for "La Noche". How was it filmed?
— The story of this video clip can even be funny, so I'm going to tell it. Initially the video was going to be a party, with more or less 20 people, until Mr. COVID appeared. Suddenly everything fell apart, and I also tried to be able to program the video in the same way for many people, but everything looked wrong. One Thursday I created a WhatsApp group with the people who were going to participate, which in itself is difficult to bring together that many people, and with the restrictions it only became worse. In the same damn day I got 15 people, a motorcycle, and two houses to confirm, suddenly it was all over. There was a positive case of the previously mentioned disease in my circle, and I had to be at home for 10 days.
Later it was reorganized three times and three times the video had to be postponed, until there was a video clip with much fewer people included, and much less material. And there it was, we were finally going to be able to proceed to filming, but no. We were supposed to film on Saturday and on Friday they imposed perimeter confinement in Catalonia for the weekend, which caused it to be postponed for the fourth time. Finally the video was shot on Monday, and we obtained a dream result, a professional and quality video clip, which I hope you all like very much.
What do you set for yourself in 2021?
— I am not this type of person who who takes takes a sheet of paper and writes down their New Year's resolutions in beginning of the year, since I believe that people who do that never fulfill it. However, there is something that I am very clear about - I am not going to stop, I am the future of Spain, and people will hear my name, because I have something to shout to the world. Next year I see myself building a stable fan base, and for the next time increasing it until I reach my goal to the highest.