Torsten Kanzler - techno has always been fascinating to me

Our today's guest - Torsten Kanzler!

Torsten Kanzler stands for impulsive and powerful techno. Like a chief engineer he operates his set and takes the crowd into a universe of mind-blowing drum-arrangements, creaking synths and warm growling basslines, using „Maschine" of Native Instrument, two Allen & Heath Xone K2, and an iPad. His direct interaction combined with a spontaneous set with up to four decks spinning make his sets a true happening.

His gigs in all the high places around the globe stand for powerful and profound techno as well as his numerous productions, which make their way into well-known international acts' record bags.

We talked to the maestro about the beginning of his music career, new release "Mirror" on Codex and upcoming projects. Enjoy!
— Hello Torsten! How is everything going? Where are you right now?
— Hi Olly, at the moment I'm sitting in my Studio and I'm working on some new tracks. Last year I was a bit frustrated because of the Pandemic and I wasn't really interested in studio sessions. I did a lot of projects on my premises, it distracted myself and I still could have been creative. Despite everything, there was something good: on the one hand my manual skills got around and I could compensate a part of my financial loss and on the other hand it slowed me down and cleared my mind, so that I'm now more relaxed to work in the studio.
— Let's see how it all started for you. When did you become interesting in electronic music and how did you start your music career?
— Everything started as a clubber in 1995. Guys like Sven Väth, Carl Cox and Chris Liebing were my idols at that time. I went clubbing almost every weekend –from Friday till Sunday. Some day a friend of me wanted to sell his turntables.It was an ancient Reloop turntable with a worn belt drive. I've learnt deejaying with it and just fell in love at the same time. Although I've just listened to Techno, I often played House music at aftershow parties for the beginning. After some time I wasn't really interested in this any more and have started to give my focus to techno.

At that time I've worked as a window fitter in Bonn, 300 km away from my hometown. Every Friday before I drove back home I went to a record store to buy the newest Techno vinyls. At one of the parties I've met Marco Remus and everything took its course. We organized parties, founded a label and managed an agency together.
— How did you understand that techno is your genre?
— Techno has always been fascinating to me. The long sets by Sven Väth was a big inspiration. Later acts like Chris Liebing and DJ Rush have engaged my interest for the harder and especially faster techno, that inspired and fascinated me for a long time. Some day in 2008 or 2009 I was headed in another direction. New productions by The Advent, A. Paul or Industrialyzer were decisive for this. I was so flashed that I started to change my style. Since a few years I returned to my „original roots" and I really feel comfortable with it.
— Have you already come back to gigs? What is the best feeling you can describe while you are playing?
— Last Year I had some Open Airs and I've already played 2 this year. It was an incredible nice feeling. All the people waited for so long to go clubbing, to meet friends and just dance. I really felt this. It's hard for me to decribe this feeling. I'm just happy, that something like this is possible again.
— Your new release "Mirror" is coming soon on Codex. What is the idea behind the release?
— The Release reflects my current interest for and in Techno.
— There are 4 tracks on the EP including remixes by Superstrobe and Andrea Signore. What can you tell us about those tracks?
— I'm really proud of the EP. On one hand I'm really looking forward to release again on one of my favourite labels and on the other hand to work with such 2 fabulous Remixer with their two really massive remixes. All tracks are characterized of Acidlines, Synthmelos and hard Bassdrums. My favourite is the remix by Superstrobe, who paid his attention on the Acidline. It drops so hard after the first break and keep pushing it forward. As you know Andrea Signore, he concentrated himself to the Synth and gave his own individual character to the original. Both remixes are, despite from the same track, two different versions and fit perfectly to EP.
— Any other projects coming up soon?
— Meanwhile I've finished some tracks and I'm still working on new ones. Otherwise there isn't much at the moment. A lot of festivals has been already postponed to 2022 and some festivals are still not fixed in the calender. I really hope that it goes on for the scene, that it returns back to normalcy and that we just can come together to make party.