Tony Romanello: my sound is fresh energetic soulful peak driving Techno

Radio Intense is happy to welcome back our next guest - Tony Romanello!

Tony Romanello is one of Canada's main electronic music ambassadors worldwide. He has been spinning techno music records around the globe for over 2 decades.

A regular of Beatport's Techno Top 100, Tony Romanello's chart topping productions may be found on exclusive profile labels consisting of FeChrome, Saywhat?, Codex, IAMT, Reload Records, Renesanz, Airborne Black, Orange Recordings, Black Snake Recordings, Unity Records & many more.

We talked to Tony about his new release "Mechanical Emotion" coming soon on Codex and other projects! Find out more below!
— Hello Tony and welcome back to Radio Intense! How have you been?
— Hello Radio Intense. I have been very well thank you. Thanks for having me back.
— How has 2022 been for you so far? Any highlights?
— This past year has been great, I've been touring worldwide with dates in Helsinki, Finland I shared the main-stage with Wehbba from Drumcode, I also played at an opening party for Movement Festival in Detroit alongside D-Unity & Sam Wolfe. I also shared the stage with Juliet Fox from Drumcode.
I also Headlined In Brussels Belgium and San Francisco California.
This month of October I'll be in London UK and Nuremberg Germany.
Massive congratulations on your upcoming release "Mechanical Emotion" on Codex. Can you talk to us more about this release and how it came about?
— I made this EP exclusively for Codex, I was trying to capture a big warehouse sound for the elite label using big rolling bass lines, acid licks, some big vocals for breakdowns & big hooks for the drops. I've always wanted to have a release on codex being a Techno giant label I feel honoured it's quite humbling for me.
— What do you plan to do after the release drops?
— I will be touring & continue more music projects. I have a release on A*S*Y*S label FeChrome in December.
— How would you describe your sound?
— Fresh Energetic soulful peak driving Techno
— Where can we see you DJ over the coming months?
— I'm in London, UK and Germany this month of October, Playing New Years Eve in North Carolina USA alongside Loco&Jam.
— Looking forwards, do you have any goals or objectives you would like to achieve in the future as artists?
— Right now I am enjoying living the moment & am very content & fortunate for all that I've accomplished. I will continue to DJ worldwide playing my music to live crowds while I continue to grow as a producer.