Tony Romanello: be authentic and compete only with yourself

We are stoked to present to you our next guest, Tony Romanello.

Tony Romanello is considered to be an international techno 'icon' by many. He started DJing in 1999 and has since toured throughout North America and Europe playing alongside the likes of Chris Liebing, Christian Smith, Gaetano Parisio and Marco Carola.

Not content in playing other artists' music however, he produced his first track in 2014 and due to his enhanced reputation, established the now very successful Red Channel Records in 2016. A regular of Beatport's Techno Top 100, Tony Romanello's chart topping productions can be found on high profile labels such as SAYWHAT?, IAMT, Orange Recordings, Reload Records, Renesanz, Airborne Black, Black Snake Recordings, Dolma Records, Kaligo Records, Space Kraft Recordings and Unity Records.

We talked to Tony about his new release 'The Ascent' coming on Numen and future opportunities. Enjoy!
Hello Tony! How are you doing today? Thanks for chatting with us!
— Thanks for having me!
— We would love to hear more about your experience in the industry. How did you become involved into electronic music scene?
— It's always been a passion for the music, the vibe of the events, I always
knew I had something to offer and always wanted to be part of it.
Congratulations on your new release "The Ascent" coming on Numen! How can you describe the EP?
— Thanks, The Ascent EP is a modern techno high energy driving EP filled
with strong melodic arrangements ready to have impact any floor.
— It is not your first collaboration with IAMT Music Group' labels. What do you like about working with IAMT Music family?
— Professionalism and efficient, they always have your back with every release, supporting you and helping you achieve your maximum.
What would be your most valuable advice to an aspiring artist?
— Be authentic and compete only with yourself.
— What can we expect from you within 6 months? Any projects planned or future gigs?
— More releases including my return to IAMT in March with Italian artist
Anela, hopefully gigs this winter with dates in UK, USA and Germany.
What are you wishes for 2022?
— New adventures, good health and more techno happiness!