Tony H: It was an EASY yes for us to collaborate on this remix

Today we are pleased to welcome another guest, Tony H!

Tony H is a Panamanian House & Techno DJ, who is currently based out of Seattle, WA. In 2015 he founded his own label Late Night Munchies which has already released dozens of original tracks and remixes by artists and contributors from all over the globe; and then in 2019 he launched the sub-label Munchies After Dark with the main focus being strictly Melodic House & Techno.

To mark the release of his new remix coming on Uniting Souls Music we invited Tony for a chat, enjoy!
— Hey Tony! What have you been up to recently, how are things going for you?
Yooo! What's up guys! SO MUCH haha! Lately have been working on a bunch of music with releases that just dropped on Seattle's Feral One Records, my newest imprint, not me being chaotic records, Material Trax and Lots of Practice. Also super excited for my upcoming release on Gettoblaster's "Aliens on Mushrooms' label AND even MORE excited to be playing the Fresh Start Fest on new years eve in San Francisco.
— Where are you from & can you tell us a bit more about what the music scene is like there?
Originally, I am from Panama City, Panama. The music scene there definitely is very electric and thriving. I was fortunate to go back home for the first time in a long time (basically since graduating high school lol) and got to play at the beautiful rooftop of Hotel Selina and definitely was one of the most memorable dj sets I've had AND my parents were there and it was their first time seeing me play live. An incredibly special moment for me.
So you've done a remix collaboration with Jon Lee for the new Uniting Souls Music release, how did this come about?
— Wesley Holmes, who is also a very close friend and mentor, reached out to Jon about us doing a remix for them. So when Jon called me about it, It was an EASY yes for us to collaborate on this remix.
— What elements of the original track by Wesley Holmes & Lar Gibbons did you draw inspiration from when making your remix?
We used so many elements from their track. For Jon and I, it was more of "what don't we want to use" because all of the stems were just so good. Honestly once we figured out what parts we did want to use, we practically built the track and vibe around their stems.
— How did you and Jon make this collab? Was you sat in the studio together or did you send stems back & forth?
Jon has a sick studio that I usually go to and that is how we work on pretty much all of our collabs. He has two chairs on wheels and we pretty much roll around each other back and forth as we get ideas for the tracks that we are working on. It's like musical chairs on wheels hahaha.
Have you played at a Uniting Souls party before? If so... how would you describe the atmosphere & vibe?
I have been fortunate to play a few of the Uniting Souls party and I'll be the first to say the vibes are always sky high. It's definitely a vibey kind of night ranging from groovy tech house, to deep house to those lush minimal house type tracks. Definitely one of my favorite labels and parties in Seattle. Always family vibes!
— Lastly… who would you want to collab with? Dead or alive.
— 2 artists that I would absolutely love to collaborate with would DEFINITELY be The Martinez Brothers and HoneyLuv.