Todd Terry: do your own label!

House hero Todd Terry is back with a superb and multi-continental new collaboration in which he works with up-and-coming Estonian DJ and producer Janika Tenn and American West Coast vocalist Lee Wilson. 'I Give You Love' is sure to become one of the first big tunes of 2023.

We invited Todd Terry for a chat to find out more. Enjoy!
Hey Todd, welcome to Radio Intense! It's a pleasure to have you with us today! How has 2023 been for you so far?
— It's been good so far, a lot of collabs such as the 2023 releases with Mark Knight, Ferrick Dawn, Crystal Waters, DJ Rae, and Janika Tenn & Lee Wilson, it looks like I'm gonna have a lot of songs out. I want to keep everybody singing to funky house on the dance floor
Where in the world are you right now?
— I'm back in London, I just was in Miami for music week, and then I played at Printworks before heading to Napoli on Sunday to play an opening party on the beach. I'm planning on keeping busy this year.
You've been at the heart of the house music scene for decades. What are some of your favourite moments?
— Well, traveling is my worst moment for sure but it's always good when you get to the club and see people are rocking to house music as they should. The vibe is back like it was back in the days of Ministry of Sound.
Congrats on your latest release, 'I Give You Love'! What's the story behind it?
— I wrote the song in Tallinn (Estonia) with Janika Tenn at a smelly smoked-out studio but the vibe was crazzzy, and then we sent it to Lee Wilson for vocals and he made that shit hott.
Do you have a specific production process in the studio or do you just see how it flows?
Every record is different. Sometimes I start with the beat or sometimes it's just a vocal idea. A lot of songs come together after the music idea is catchy but it could go either way, Never the same, always a different path.
The new single is releasing on your label InHouse Records. What are the advantages of releasing on your own label?
— With my own label I don't listen to some stupid guy from another record company that doesn't really know what the hell they're doing. Why should I listen to somebody that has never had a hit record telling me what to do. That's why I'm gonna put out all my records that these dummy labels didnt want to take a chance on because they wanted me to sound like someone else. That's bullshit.
Do you have any specific goals you would like to achieve with the label over the next few years?
To be as big as the majors without so many people sitting around doing nothing.
For aspiring artists looking to get signed to a label, what piece of advice would you offer with your experience as a label boss?
— Do your own label! I don't like to criticize people's music, you never know if they've got the better idea. Sometimes you just gotta take a chance.
Thank you for joining us today, Todd. We wish you all the best! Finally, what can fans expect from you in the year ahead?
— Like i said, I'm really trying to stick my own music and get it out there.