The Advocate: bringing even more creative energy

Radio Intense had an opportunity to talk to the electronic music enthusiast - The Advocate.

We talked to Ukrainian Dj & Producer about his path in the industry, his club "Skybar" in Kiev and the launching of a new label "Skybar Records" under the same brand and many more things.

Check it out right now!
— Hello Maksym! How are you today? Thanks for chatting with us.
— Hello everyone! Thanks for having contacted me ahead of one of the most important days of this year – the launch of our label and the release of my favorite track.
— Let's start. What is a story behind your artistic project "The Advocate"?
— I will try to make a long story short – The Advocate has been known to the public for the last 4 years after the team of Skybar Kyiv decided to illuminate the nightlife of Ukraine with a DJ who had many years of practice and who sought to bring even more creative energy.
— How can you define your sound? Can you say that in your productions you are mostly focusing on Melodic House & Techno genre?
— I am still searching for my own path in electronic music dedicating myself mostly to Melodic House & Techno but also having attained great success with my Afro House "Ekata" release that still rocks Beatports's TOP 100, even 9 months after its release date.

And, as you know, sometimes it is difficult to draw a border between modern sounds between Melodic Techno, Trance or Progressive House. This is exactly the case for the new track "Mission: Apollo" where Beatport sees it in Progressive House and we are trying to convince them it's actually Melodic House & Techno.
— You are also an owner of the club "Skybar Kyiv". Please, tell us more about this place and how you feel about running the club.
— Skybar is a place where my heart has lived for the last 12 years. The most known club not only in Ukraine but Europe where the world's best DJs perform. DJs like Adriatique, WhoMadeWho, Giorgia Angiuli, Oliver Koletzki, Hosh and many more. We were the first electronic music club in Ukraine setting trends for local music lovers. Every weekend we invite talented DJs with sounding names from all over the world to play in Skybar. And of course I should note that the power of the brand itself and the high quality of service brings a lot of European music tourists to our venue.
— In the end of August, you're launching the new label "Skybar Records". This is exciting! What do you want to achieve within the label?
— We are willing to enhance recognition of Skybar and to help talented producers to release their music without borders and difficulties that they usually experience. Of course this will also allow us to better know the artists that we invite to the club.
— The launch of the label is accompanied by your release "Mission Apollo". Please, describe the track from the release. What do expect from it?
— This track is a bomb for any dancefloor and I am so happy that it was supported by Kevin De Vries (Afterlife), The Element (Afterlife) and dozens of world-renowned DJs that gives me an understanding that I have indeed launched a spaceship inspired by the life story of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon. The vocal that you hear in the track is the original phone call and conversation between President Nixon with the astronauts on the Moon.
— Finally, what else do you have planned for the rest of 2021?
— We will be launching a new club season from September making nightlife lovers even happier with the names that we bring to Skybar decks. There will be a lot of new music that we will need to select for Skybar Records. And as for me – I am planning at least one more release this year and a lot of club gigs in Skybar and other scheduled clubs around the world.