Terry Francis: hopefully things are moving & grooving again for good

Today we are pleased to welcome another talent, Terry Francis!

Terry Francis delivers his remix of Jake Beautyman's Afters Journey on Analytic Records. What strikes out in this is Terry's ability to manipulate the audio to get your body moving in an entirely new way. A hefty bouncing bassline will really test those speakers of the club you are playing in!
We sat down with the man himself to find out more...
— Hello Terry! What have you been up to recently?
— Recently things have been picking up again and I've been playing out a bit more. Covids been rough. The scene is coming back together strong, some people are slightly scared of putting on parties still but it seems to be heading in the right direction. Hopefully things are moving & grooving again for good!
— Do you have some favourite music that's not 4 to the floor - and if so how did you first get introduced to it?
— My mum was an influence although I didn't know she was so musical until later on towards the end of her life… when I then found out that she played the banjo, clarinet and tap danced! In the 50's / 60's.

She was really into Soul and that definitely has rubbed off onto me.
I also had a moment where I shared a room with my brother who's into heavy metal but thank god that didn't interest me much! (he laughs)

Really I just discovered early on that I liked to dance and have a little boogie.
Speaking of having a dance. Was you DJ'ing before producing?
— Yes. I can recollect a few parties when I was 12 or 13 and I remember connecting two cassette tapes up, trying to make them mix into each other (probably to give to a girl at the time)

Then I got some basic decks and went to an early KISS FM party. I didn't know what the pitch control was for when I first got them & soon found out that's how you get the two records to go together in time.
You played at Fabric last month, how was that?
— Fabric was great! The combination with Jake Beautyman in Room 3 worked fantastic and I really enjoyed it. It was a top night, hopefully do it again soon.
— This brings us onto your latest remix you done for Jake on Analytic Records. What elements of this track did you draw from for inspiration when working on it in the studio?
— The whole vibe of the tune really. It's dark, has a vibe, and there's pretty bits floating around. There's a tuned conga at the end of the 8 bars that's a particular bit which stuck out of the groove for me. I just like the tune and the essence was there already so it didn't need a lot doing to it.
Lastly… who would you want to collab with? Dead or alive.
— Probably "Sly and the Family Stone".

There's some amazing "Marlena Shaw" dirty funk tunes I love too. Or even "Marvin Gaye"… someone like that.
Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us Terry, we look forward to hearing you play out again soon!