Teenage Mutants: work hard, be tough and enjoy every gig

Today we are having an interview with Teenage Mutants - techno geniuses who do not need an introduction.

At the very core of Teenage Mutants' mission lays one simple goal: to spread their remarkably zest, full energy-driven style of techno to a global audience. And, by now, their reputation speaks for itself: the scene has long been trapped with the authentic pair from Mainz, as they refreshingly let their skills do the talking, both in the booth and in the studio.

Radio Intense talked to the talents about their music perspective, new remix on Set About and future projects. Find out more below!
— Hello guys! How are you? How is 2021 treating you so far?
— Hey! It's still really depressive to see our whole scene it nearly dead. So for now 2021 is the same shit like 2020 just with a new number ???? But we are healthy at least!
— Can you give us some insights about yourselves: how does it feel to be "Teenage Mutants"? What is your recipe of success? What is your point of view on the industry nowadays?
— Oh it feels great! Trust me ! Our secret of success was always to develop our music but keep our roots as our trademark sound. Work hard, be tough and enjoy every gig. The industry is one of the hardest ones for sure. So we are more then happy to be in it for a long time now. Sometimes it could be more fair for new comers but I think its hard in every industry to be the new one and find your place.
— We are very excited about your remix on Sean Dee's & Nakadia's original track "Sonic Fuse" coming on Set About. How did you guys decided to make this one happen?
— Nakadia likes and plays our stuff so she sent a request for a remix and we accepted it right away. Simple processes and we are really happy the result.
— How would you describe the track?
— It's a 100% peak time track. A lot of loud and hard synths will blow your mind with a heavy baseline on top. The break will give you goosebumps.
— What's in the store for Teenage Mutants in the nearest future?
— We decided to reduce our output this year only 3-4 EPs on only 2 labels: Filth On Acid and Tragedie (our own label). The first EP will be out in March on FOA.
— Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Is there anything else you would like to add?
— Stay healthy.