Techno Premiere: Sopik & Skinner (UA) -Playground [Set About]

Techno Premiere:

The upcoming Friday is meeting us with a new release "Playground" by Sopik & Skinner on Set About!

Skinner & Sopik is a new techno project from Ukraine. Each of them individually, have many years of experience in dj-sting and producing. Playing at a large number of parties and festivals, with broadcasts on the best radio stations and internet radio, having many releases on different labels, more than a hundred tracks hit the TOP100 Beatport and the best charts in the world - the guys decided to try to work together, which filled them with sound in all directions.

Sopik already has its own label Finder Records, which is firmly in the top 10 hard techno labels in the world. After the creation of the Sopik & Skinner project, their new joint label NOT was immediately opened, with its own series of parties, podcasts, etc. .. which will be more focused on introducing a new sound in all techno directions.

The project already has joint releases on labels such as Gain, Sola_mente, Elektrax Recordings, Frequenza and also, at the moment, several more releases have been signed with top labels, which will be released very soon ... Both the label and the project have an idea that they strictly adhere to - you need to constantly listen to new directions in techno sound, present the most relevant, exclusive and high-quality material that will allow them and their listeners to develop!

With such an experience we can expect only the high quality techno. Enjoy!