TALAZ: We believe adding live instruments and vocals to DJ sets enhances the audience's experience.

We are happy to welcome our next guests, TALAZ !

Talaz is a dynamic DJ duo blending Afro House and Progressive with twists of flute and drums!
We invited the talents for a chat with a coincidence of their new stream on Radio Intense! Find out more below.
Hello guys! How are you today? Thanks for having time for us.
— Hello! Thank you for having us. We are doing well, thank you. We have been quite busy with traveling and work over the past few months, so it's nice to finally have some time to rest and recharge. We are looking forward to finishing up our ongoing projects and preparing for the upcoming summer season.
How did you become interested in electronic music?
— Our interest in electronic music developed over time and through our individual musical journeys. Anna, who has been playing the flute for the past 17 years, became fascinated with electronic music during her high school years. Her aspiration was to merge the flute with electronic sounds, creating a unique fusion. On the other hand, Steve has been a DJ for the past 16 years. What started as a hobby in a small town in Serbia eventually led him to become a resident DJ at Noa Beach Club, one of the world's top clubs, and pursue an international career. Last year, the idea for our new project, Talaz, was conceived, and we were determined to make it something truly special.
TALAZ is new name at modern electronic music industry, tell us briefly about yourself, history of your project.
— In the winter of last year, we had the opportunity to spend a couple of months in Tenerife as individual DJs on a tour. During our time there, we received some b2b bookings, and the club promoters specifically requested us to play Afro House music. The experience was truly incredible, with an electrifying energy on the dancefloor that left a lasting impression on us. It was during this time that we began to think about incorporating the flute into our sets, what was Anna's long-standing aspiration. This led to the birth of the idea for Talaz, and we couldn't wait to get back to Serbia, take the instruments and finally see if it really sound the way it sounded in our heads.

And it is, even a bit better.
Now it's becoming mainstream to play hybrid DJ sets using vocals or live instruments, but your musical equipment rack is really great. Would you tell us more detailed how do you arrange your live setup and processing of life performance?
— We believe that incorporating live instruments and vocals into DJ sets adds an exciting visual and experiential element for the audience. When we hear some new tracks that inspire us, we create melodies and add our own touch to them. Beside that, we are doing live mashups, sometimes mixing a 4 tracks in the same time, so the set need to be really organized.

This level of organization is crucial to deliver a well-coordinated live experience for our audience.
— Perhaps all that setup is hard to transport during the tour?
— Yes, it takes more time because we need a lot of documents for instruments, so the guys on customs loves to see us, haha. . It often results in additional time spent at the border, typically an extra hour or two compared to regular procedures.
How would you describe your sound, and why did you choose to pursue your particular brand electronic music over other styles? What is it about the genre that you love so much?
— Our sound can be described as a fusion of Afro house and Progressive elements, with a unique incorporation of flute and drums. Our vision is to make this genre a little bit different with the following instruments and be recognizable because of it.

When we saw one of the comments on our socials "Guys, are you trying to revolutionize electronic music forever?", we just knew that we're on the right way.

Besides that, we love electronic music at all. Tech House and pure House music is our first love. Melodic House and Techno is very popular at the moment, and we also like them.
— You also have a very interesting clothes, always matching. Where do you find such interesting pieces of clothing?
— Thanks for noticing! We actually design and sew the wardrobe for each performance ourselves. Just want to be colorful and matchy, and that animal and similar prints just go with a vibe.
How do you stay current with the latest music trends and incorporate them into your sets and productions?
— To stay current with music trends and incorporate them into your sets and productions, it's important to regularly explore different genres, follow music blogs and industry publications, and stay active on social media. However, the most crucial aspect is to have something that sets you apart and makes you unique, regardless of the genre you work.
— How do you see the electronic music scene in Serbia?
— The electronic music scene in Serbia is vibrant and full of talent. Despite being a small country, Serbia has produced many successful and talented DJs who have made a mark on the international stage. The future looks bright for these artists, as they continue to gain recognition and expand their careers globally. In terms of genres, while Techno events have a strong presence in Serbia, Afro House is also on the rise and gaining popularity within the local scene. Overall, Serbia offers some really good festivals like Exit and LoveFest.
— Looking forwards, do you have any specific goals or objectives you would like to achieve as an artist over the next few years?
— We already have some goals clearly set, but some completely unexpected things always happen, and that's actually the beauty of that journey. We aspire to perform at events on exotic beaches around the World, with Tulum being our ultimate dream destination. Additionally, we want to explore and perform in various beautiful locations across Europe and Asia.
— Where did you perform for the last months, and where can we see you in the coming months? Any big tours planned?
— After a busy summer performing at events such as Sonus Festival, Zalazak Event, and club events on the Croatian coast and in Montenegro, we expanded our reach and performed in Switzerland, Slovakia, Serbia, Macedonia, and other countries. As a result, we have received numerous requests from around the world. Currently, we are in the process of planning a summer tour to accommodate these requests. The majority of the requests are coming from countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Greece, Turkey, and Brazil. We are excited about the opportunities ahead and look forward to bringing our music to audiences worldwide.