Superstrobe: endurance, continuity and your own "fingerprint"

Today Radio Intense is happy to present you new interview with a techno master - Superstrobe. Born in Berlin, Manuel Winkler has become an integral part of the techno scene as Superstrobe, a trained sound designer and music producer, and has been DJing since the early 90es.

Superstrobe was founded as a duo in summer 2007 and has been continued by Manuel as a solo artist, from 2012. In the same year he produced his debut album "REBOOT", which was presented by the Loveparade founder, Dr. Motte and published on his label Praxxiz. Readers of a popular music magazine nominated him in the categories "best newcomer", "best producer" and "best album" at an annual poll.

Manuel has never stopped since then and Radio Intense is ready to share his experience with you. Check it out right now!
— Hello Manuel. Thanks for answering this interview. It's a pleasure for us. How are you doing these days? And, where are you?
— Hey, thanks for having me. You are welcome!
I'm fine so far.. Thinking a lot about the artist life but every crisis brings new possibilities. Currently I'm in Berlin and producing some new music.
— You are definitely an established and respected artist in the industry. How do you think, what is your recipe for success?
— Definitely working hard and a lot! Releasing and playing gigs as much as possible. I'm djing since 1995 and I released my first music in 2008. It took many years to build up a name. One of the most important things are endurance, continuity and creating an own "fingerprint".
— You have a new release "Pressure" coming soon on Codex. Can you tell us more information about it? What was your inspiration and what do you expect from the release
— For me a release have to be strong and must represent the already named fingerprint or signature sound of the artist. With the "Pressure EP" I want to show some aspects of my personal taste of techno. Sometimes harder sometimes more melodic elements. You can find both on the EP. For me it's important to reach and catch the listeners of my music and give them a good time or good moments. Just breaking the daily routine and free the mind. That's the main goal.
— There are 3 tracks in the release – "Pressure", "Reset" and "Vibration". Do you have a favorite one? If so, why?
— Hard to say because I always try to produce favorites hehe.. but if I have to choose one it's "Pressure". I like the energy and the extraordinary choice of the sounds. The first drop is really big but it's topped by the second one! It has so much power..I really like
— Let's go more into the production process. Can you describe your typical day in the studio? How does your studio setup look like?
— To be honest.. I wouldn't call it studio. I just need my laptop, a Scarlett 2i2 interface, Ableton live and my Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO headphones. Everything is produced in the box with Vsti's like Sylenth1 or Vengeance Avenger. I use them a lot. I also use the FabFilter and Vengeance Producer Suite Plugins. Of course I use samples and redesign them. That's it. I think it doesn't matter how big your studio is and how many expensive stuff you have.. It's all about the ideas and how to handle with sounds.

I have no "rituals" when I start producing. If I have specific ideas I try to fix them fast or I'm just jamming and see what's happening. Sometimes it's like tracks producing themself.
— Are you currently working on new projects?
— Yes, at the moment I'm working on an album in cooperation with Dominik Vaillant. We produced a lot of music and all tracks fit together on a way, so we decided to do this album project. We think it will be released in the first quarter in 2021.

Currently I'm also producing some hip hop and rap beats. It's very interesting to see the production techniques and how other genres work. I'm very open minded.
— I saw on your Instagram that you were giving a masterclass at Berlin Dance Music Event. I think it's pretty cool! How do you feel, did you transmit to the audience the ideas which you wanted to?
— That was fun. It was the first time to teach music production in front of an audience. I did it together with Dominik Vaillant and we decided to focus on kick and bass to show how to build a solid techno basis. I think it was to much information in 1,5 hours but we wanted to share as much knowledge as possible. Pretty exciting.
— And finally, what are you wishes for 2021?
— For me the most important thing for 2021 is that all humans come closer and stop dividing themselves because of different thinking. If we want to live in a more peaceful world everyone have to live this way.. be an example every day.And of course.. finally celebrating together with a lot of techno again!