SUDO: my music is energetic, warm, futuristic but somehow nostalgic

Today we are pleased to welcome another talent , SUDO!

SUDO is a DJ/Live act and production team made up of Japanese brothers Isao and Takashi Sudo.
After visiting hotspots like Rotterdam, Ibiza and Berlin in 2012, younger brother Isao Sudo decided to move his base to Berlin.

We talked to SUDO about their new projects including a new EP "Unnoticed Silence" coming on Codex. Enjoy!
— Hello SUDO! How are you? Thank you for chatting with us!
— Hello, I'm fine with nice weather in Berlin, thank you too!
— Could you tell us more about your music path?
— Sudo is my family name. Actually I have my elder brother Takashi, he is a sociable person and organizing events over two decades and we are playing together since then. He lives in Japan and even we have distance between Japan and Germany, but we have strong tie with each other, so Sudo means our "Sudo Brothers".

At first, I got into electronic music under the influence of Takashi in early 90's. One day I wanted to buy a vinyl by myself and I listened to a cool white print one and bought it, but I didn't know whose track it was.
A few months later, I realized it was Rez by Underworld.

Around 1998, Takashi traveled to experience party / festival all over the world and came back, but there were very few parties in our hometown Kansai area, so we started making our own.
It was successful and the parties were getting bigger and bigger, at the same time I wanted to make a living by making music, and I decided to buy Roland JV-1000 synth which is including sequence and started making music.
How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it
— It's energetic, warm, futuristic but somehow nostalgic.
— Congratulation on your upcoming release "Unnoticed Silence" on Codex! How can you describe the release for us?
— We are happy to be back on Codex again.

These tracks "Unnoticed Silence" and "Stomp" are quite special tracks for us. I have a friend who is most reliable person to give me an accurate feedback and I asked to him many times for it.

Repeated and repeated fixing many times after tested it on the floor, they became quite strong tracks. Always I could get a great feedback from dancefloor and several people asked me "whose track is that" when I played them.
— Are there any more upcoming music releases to look out for coming from you?
— We made a remix for great artist Wollion, Harada. It will be released on Ignite! Records which is running by Martin Eyerer and Ackermann on 13th of May.
And also our 2nd EP on Break New Soil.

Plus I can't tell the name yet, but we've signed on the label which has been a goal for many years.
— You're a producer and a DJ, where do you feel most comfortable? In the studio or on stage?
— Basically, I like making music in my studio, but DJ / Live is blessed time in my life where I can share the energy with people.
So, both are definitely something I need in my life.
— What has been your biggest career achievement so far?
— Monogram EP on SCI+TEC. And our upcoming release next year which I mentioned in the previous question.
Also in 2019 we played live set as collaboration with classic ensemble in 078 music festival in my home town Kobe. It was most biggest electronic music festival ever there, and most people don't go club normally, but they were really enjoying our music and full open amazing vibes!
It was a big challenge, but absolutely one of the most beautiful moment in our "live" history.
— Anything else you'd like to share with us?
— Stay dancing;)