Stan Kolev: Just having fun. Doing what I LOVE

We're pleased to welcome you to our next guest, Stan Kolev!

Haunting melodies, hypnotizing vocals and most of all heart- quenching synths. It is this perfect signature sound that has earned Miami-based DJ/Producer Stan Kolev, a place at the top of Progressive House music's most respected and in-demand producers. Embodying his vigorous spirit, his productions hit the dance-floor with submerse vitality.

We sat down with the man himself to find out more about his upcoming release "Gratitude" on Saturate and other projects!
— Hello Stan! How is everything going? It's great to have you with us today!
Can you tell us about your early musical influences and what first led you to producing and DJing?
— Hello, I am doing great. Thank you for having me.

Funk, Jazz, R&B, Classical Music, Alternative/Indie, New Wave.
I started playing drums at very young age. Later in life playing drums was not enough. I wanted to play all instruments so I learned piano and that let me to producing where I could play all instrument via keyboards. DJ'ing eventually came shortly after.
— Your new release "Gratitude" will be out in July on Saturate label. Congrats on this release! What was the inspiration behind this one?
— Just being grateful for every little thing!
— What's your creative process like when in the studio? Do you have any favorite pieces of equipment?
— It's different every time. Sometimes I start with a melody and other times with drums or even a sample. Don't really have a favorite piece of equipment. Usually is the newest one.
You're born in Bulgaria and now reside in Miami. Those are two very different cultures. Which one had more influence on you? How?
— I would say both equally in a different way. Really love the Bulgarian folklore and I've been heavily incorporated it in my music. Miami is my favorite city in the world. The energy, the weather, the scenery is amazing. I wouldn't live any place else. Been here for 31 years.
— What are you currently focusing on as an artist?
— Just having fun. Doing what I LOVE! Not focusing on anything.
— Where can our readers expect to see you over the next few months?
— Upcoming confirmed shows:
July 16th Brasilia, Brazil
August 13th Savaya, Bali
September 9th Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
October 14th,15th,16th India Tour
December 28th Universo Paralelo, Brazil