Spada: I'm getting excited for my next single release "Cycles"

Today we are pleased to welcome another guest, Spada!

Spada is joining forces with Mardraüs to bring their new release "Cycles" on Saturate. We talked to the man itself to find out more about the release.
Spada and Mardraüs have aimed for a fine balance, between the simplicity of the melody, and the catchy vibe of it. It's up to the listeners to experience what kind of "Cycle" they want to go deep into, either way, it will be the right one. Read more below!

— Hello Spada! How are you doing these days? And where are you talking to us from today?
— Hi Olly, it's all good I'm getting excited for my next single release "Cycles". I'm writing to you from airport in Prague prepare to land in Toronto for a show.
— How has 2022 been for you so far? Any highlights?
— I have got a huge response especially touring, new 6 debut countries and in the meanwhile my latest single releases of 2022 already reached 10m overall all together in less then a year.
Massive congrats on your upcoming release "Cycles" with Mardraus. Can you talk to us through the release and how it came about? What inspired its creation?
— I was playing a song of Mardraus few months back in Berlin and when I saw the reaction on the floor I was thinking I need to ask him a collar for the future so we shared some projects and Cycles was the standing out for me, I used to work a lot on the beats for getting the right groove under the melody but I'm satisfied with the result.
— What do you plan to do after the release drops?
— I have birthday next week so probably I will pass some time off during the week before landing to Cyprus for a show.
— We'd love to know more about how you work in the studio, do you have a process or just see how things flow?
— I can't predict or decide what it comes to my mind, I just sit and play with some instruments or plugins and after I found the right sounds, those inspiring me to write the melody.
Who would be your dream collaboration?
— As singer: Elisa the italian singer, as DJ:James Holden, as band: Fisherspooner.
— Tell us a fun fact about yourself? Do you have any interesting hobbies?
— I practice hiking when I could, unfortunately now I live in Prague and my mountains (dolomites) are a bit far so i cannot go everyday like I used to do in the past, then wine tasting and enology (I am 80% graduated to that but I had to leave for music purposes) rest is visiting cities and history. I normally don't like to go clubbing when I'm not playing but I have to so that's why I am living in Prague, this city offers me parties every nights, so when I'm free during mid-weeks I used to spent time in the clubs just to keep the vibes and getting inspirations for the upcoming shows.
— Where can we expect to see you for the rest of this year?
— In the following weeks I have tours in Cyprus, 20 days in India for my third tour and then I will close the year with a couple of gigs in Italy, near Bolzano and Genova. And so for the rest I think I'll pass Xmas with my relatives in Rome.
— Thank you so much for chatting with us today and congrats on your release. To finish off, is there anything else upcoming from yourself that you'd like to share with us?
— I hope you will like Cycles and you will support it and share it with all your friends and beloved during the next weeks and Xmas holidays!