Space 92: I am still impressed by the impact that my music has had so quickly

Today we are pleased to welcome back our next guest, Space 92!

Hailing from Toulouse, France, Space 92 is the latest artist to land on Filth on Acid with his new three-track EP "The Door". The hit producer was Beatport's top selling artist of 2020 and has already had 2 number 1's on Filth on Acid in the past, with Atlas and The Game. Here he shows off his skills and heads into 2022 on another wave of goodness. We caught up with Mathieu ahead of his release this Friday to find out more...
Hello Mathieu! First of all, thank you for talking to us again! How are you today?
— Hello guys! I'm really glad to be talking with you guys again, thanks for having me. I'm great, I hope you're too.
Where in the world are you right now?
— Back from a weekend in Madrid and a work week in Paris! I am currently at home in Toulouse, resting.
Please, tell us more about your path in the industry. How did you start DJing and producing?
— I started making music when I was about 16 years old. I became involved in electronic music thanks to Stephan Bodzin, with his first album Liebe Ist. I immediately fell in love with the sensitivity of the melodies and the rhythm of the music; it made me want to create and share my emotions through my productions.
Year by year your profile is getting stronger. How do you feel about becoming such a key player in the international techno scene?
— I am of course still very impressed by the impact that my music has had so quickly. I since have been doing everything I can to maintain a certain production rhythm and do even better - while always relying on my heart and guts. I also am lucky to be surrounded by a great team; they have allowed me to reach goals that I would never have thought I'd reach, so it's also a team story. I'm very happy to be able to continue progressing; Space 92 is a project that is dear to me.
You've had incredible success with your releases, and have been in the top 10 selling artists on Beatport for the past three consecutive years. What is it about your productions that people love so much?
— Indeed, I still haven't fully understood how it happened! The results are absolutely amazing and I never thought I'd reach this level one day.

To be honest, I felt since Day One that my music was different from whatever was available at the time. I think I have found my own style, that allows me to define myself very clearly as an artist and which has allowed me to be where I stand today. I think that people like the type of strong & sustained Techno that I propose, but also its melodic melancholic parts because they're a bit trippier than your usual cold and linear Techno.
Your new EP 'The Door' is just about to be released on Filth On Acid. What can you tell about the release?
— As always, I really did my very best to surpass myself by exploring new sonic horizons while keeping my signature sound. In short, it's a blend of energetic techno with a touch of melancholy in the breaks.
How does your touring schedule look like these days?
— From August 2021 until early December 2021 I played every single weekend. Then, there was a new wave of Covid-19 in Europe which resulted in the cancellation of many dates in December but also throughout January. I still had the chance to do a couple of gigs in Turkey for New Year's Eve and January 1st which was great because it allowed me to resume playing and reconnect with people. Afterwards, there was another hiatus that lasted for a few weeks but I've just returned from a date in Madrid at the Fabrik - it brought me such happiness to perform, to see a crowd. The situation has slowly been improving since, though. My cancelled dates have been reprogrammed and new ones have been added to my agenda. My schedule is actually starting to look a bit busy and I'm not going to complain! I am going to explore new continents and new countries in Europe notably. The positive point concerning this (involuntary) break for a few weeks is that it gave me more time to work on my productions. Several dates a week can quickly be disruptive and make you lose focus so this was definitely a positive thing for me, on top of allowing me to spend more time with my family.
What else is in store for Space 92 in the upcoming future?
— I plan to launch my own label in a few months. Our first release will be digital - and there will also be a limited vinyl edition to highlight this event. I also have a collaboration with UMEK and Popof coming up. I'm also working on collaborations with other artists like HI-LO, T78 and a remix of Inferno produced by Reinier Zonnevelt & Carl Cox. 2022 is definitely going to be quite busy for me!