Space 92: I will always challenge my inspiration and my sound

Today Radio Intense is happy to welcome an amazing artist from France - Space 92. We talked to the techno inspirer about the beginning of his musical career, the French scene and new release "Acid Waves" on Codex. Check it out what Space 92 has to offer below!
Hey Mathieu. How is everything going? Where are you now?
— Hey, all is going good at the moment. i'm in Toulouse, France actually.
We want to know more about the beginning of your career. How did you start DJing and producing?
— It's a long story, I started my career with another alias 12 years ago. I started to learn music production before djing. I always loved to produce before djing but during the time I started to play and enjoyed performing for the crowd and it brought me a lot of energy and a very special feeling as I loved so much. Traveling, producing and meeting people and different cultures was the best part of my life during the years.
What does "Space 92" mean?
— "Space" because I love Space and all the things that it comes with since my early age.. and 92 it's for my date of birthday.
— You are from France. What is special about the French scene? What would be 3 differences of the industry over there comparing to other countries?
— During all the years I spent most of the time in other countries but I also played quite a few in France, I love specially the scene in the south of France. Comparing the other countries I would say that the French crowd is more complex, you really need to find the right way and the right set to make it work but most of the time the French crowd return you so much love and energy, at the end it's a real pleasure to perform in my own country, it's a special feeling. For the rest it will be really hard for me to find other differences.
Your fresh 3 tracks EP "Acid Waves" is already out on Codex. What is a story behind the tracks? Where did you take the inspiration?
— Yes and i'm really excited for this one because this EP contains 3 really different tracks.

Acid Waves is really energic, the two others are more experimental, I would say with a lot of emotion and atmosphere. I took inspiration from my mind with what I feel and what I live for. I don't really take inspiration from others, of course a little bit but I really want to sound different to the other artists and make my own sound and signature.
Are you working at the studio right now as well? How does your studio setup look like?
— Yes, lot of great collaborations and orginals on the way. Now the setup is really basic, I had a lot of hardware in the past that I used in my productions but at the end I feel more comfortable with only my DAW and vsts. I was born in the gear of computers and I feel more productive without hardwares at the end because I know exactly what I want to achieve when i start a new production.

So my setup is simple like a Macbook PRO, Genelec Monitors and UAD SoundCard.
How is the rest of the year looking for you?
— Without the Covid I guess I will already tour. My profile is growing since my remix of the Hungarian Duo Twins Project with the song "Bass In Your Face". I made after that a really successful release on Cosmic Boys label imprint "Legend" with "The Bass EP", then a collaboration with The YellowHeads which is Top 1 Beatport Techno Peak Time since 6 Weeks now and getting viral on Spotify. I already have a new successful release on my own label "Perfekt Groove Recordings" with my new EP Phobos with an amazing remix by the talented producer Ramon Tapia. I'm getting in the Top 10 World Best Beatport Sellers in 2020 according by BeatStats, I'm really proud of that but the most important thing for me is the massive support and amazing comments that I get from the people everyday. Let's see what happen in 2021.