Soolver: we play and produce what we like and what we feel

Radio Intense is happy to present to you our next guest - Soolver!

Soolver stands for handmade melodic techno music. Since 2018 the boys share their sound with the world - always with a focus on quality and the aim to make people enter the dance floor.

We talked to the talents about their upcoming release "Respond" and other projects! Enjoy!
— Hello Simon & Julian ! How are you doing? Thanks for chatting with us.
    Simon: Hello, thank you, we are fine. We hope you are too!

    Julian: Thanks for having us!
      — Tell us more about your artistic project. How would you describe "Soolver"?
        Simon: Our friendship has existed long before Soolver. Back then we organized and hosted techno parties together and each of us had our own DJ and producing project. 4 years ago we decided to continue together and Soolver was born.

        Julian: Yes, with Soolver we brought together our common vision of techno. We find it difficult to assign ourselves to a certain sub-genre. Some tracks are more melodic, some more peak time and others are more analogue. We play and produce what we like and what we feel.
          Congratulations on your upcoming release "Respond" soon out on Codex! What can you tell about the release?
            Simon: Thank you very much. For us the release marks an important step. We have been working on an EP for Codex for a long time and are really happy that it is finally fixed now. All tracks are produced very minimalistic and focus on a few elements.

            Julian: The main theme is a driving, rolling bassline on all three tracks, which was worked out differently. This makes Respond appear harder and Forever more minimalistic and hypnotic.
              What music have played the biggest role in shaping you as an artist over the years?
              Julian: We both grew up very flexible - especially with rock and metal. Personally, I prefer progressive bands like Tool or Opeth. Techno came later. Over all these years, the Drumcode sound and Enrico Sangiuliano definitely have played a big role. And until today I celebrate the early 2000s house music.

              Simon: The musical range in my youth was also wide - from Falco to Pink Floyd. I can't really say what led me to electronic music. Big City Beats, a radio show that I listened to a lot between 2004 and 2008, certainly has played a big role. Nowadays, there are many great and new techno artists, but to this day, the sound of Drumcode and Terminal M are still defining for me.
              What goals do you set for yourself in the upcoming future?
              Julian: Of course we have some goals when it comes to certain clubs and festivals where we would like to play. But first and foremost we aim to refine our sound and push our vision of techno with new tracks. Someday a concept album would be a dream for us.
              — Where can we see you perform over the next month?
              Simon: We will play on October 8th at Clouds in the Kasino Trier (Germany) and on October 15th at Reineke Fuchs in Cologne (Germany). For the upcoming months there are more shows planned, which will be published soon.
                — Thank you, Simon & Julian, again for chatting with us. Anything else you'd like to share with us?
                  Julian: Thanks for the interview. Respond will be released on October 7th in all stores and streaming services. Check it out!

                  Simon: We hope you enjoy the EP and that we will see you on the dancefloor very soon.