Soko & Sev: we found that our strengths and weaknesses matched perfectly

Emerging from London's Techno scene is newly formed duo Soko & Sev who have been breezing through career milestones at break-neck speed. The Serbian/Romanian outfit have moved from strength to strength in their debut months with multiple productions being quickly recognised by Spartaque, T78, Ramon Tapia, The Yellowheads and Celic.

On stage they have supported top tier performers such as Boris Brejcha, ANNA, Matador, Oliver Huntemann, Alex Stein and Anja Schneider to name a few.

We talked to the talents about their career & new release "She is The Devil" on IAMT. Enjoy!
— Hello guys! How are you doing? Happy New Year!
— Happy new year to everyone! Thank you for having us on Radio Intense. We are well thank you considering the current circumstances.
— How is your beginning of the year?
— The beginning of our year as for most people has not been great. Although we have been working extremely hard in the studio over the past few months to work on our music, the situation with COVID-19 has forced our transition into music full time to be put on hold. We made a big step and moved abroad in order to pursue our dream of DJing and producing as a full time job, however with no events across Europe it quickly created a problem for us. After a few months of the corona situation developing we decided that we would not be able to continue this way with no income and returned to our previous full time jobs, for now!
— Please, tell us about "Soko & Sev". How did you start working together?
— We initially met through a mutual friend after having produced and played for a number of years individually. It was a very natural transition to pair up and we found that each other's strengths and weaknesses matched perfectly and this really allowed us to excel very quickly with the sound we were after.
— Wy did you choose techno as your main genre?
— We have always been fanatics of techno and it has always been the only genre that we have ever fallen in love with. There is so much depth, possibility and power in techno that we always felt lacked in other genres. Our background in Athletics and Football when we were younger forced us to find music that pushed us and inspired us and we know Techno does just that!
— Your release "She is the Devil" is already out on IAMT Label. What was the production process? What did you want to tell the audience by this 2-tracks EP?
— We wanted to try and show a glimpse of our sound which we always try to achieve, hard, emotional and powerful. We feel that we always push tracks to try and take people through a journey or try to touch at least one emotion whilst listening. With so many producers and artists it's sometimes difficult to find where your place might be in the Techno world but we always felt that putting our emotions into our tracks and focusing on ourselves is all we could do.
— Do you have any news you would like to share?
— We have to take things one day at a time with what is happening at the moment. Unfortunately we wish we could share more news but we ourselves are also figuring out another way to achieve our goals and what we have worked so hard for which seems to be under constant threat by the corona virus for most of the music industry. We would like to thank anyone who has ever supported us and believed in our music as this is really what keeps us going and pushes us. We are hoping everyday that we might be able to play and dance with you all in 2021! Much love from Soko & Sev.