SN-EB: new techno EP 'Reflection'

SN-EB is a duo of Italian techno artists from Padova who are already well-known on their local techno scene and have been making waves on the international circuit following releases on scene leading record labels such as Syncopate, Techno Mood and Botanica.

Most recently, SN-EB dropped a new release on Danny Fontana and Annie Hill's record label We Are Existence. Out now, it's a two-track techno EP titled 'Reflection' and we caught up with the guys to find out
more about their new release, plus their background in music…
Hi guys, could you start by telling us about your music style, and what defines your sound?
— Hello to you and thanks for chatting with us. SN-EB productions are characterised by hard-hitting foundations with addictive grooves and catchy melodies. Combining heavy, aggressive kicks with atmospheric bass and melodic breaks. In some tracks, we like to use old-school acid sounds too.
How did you guys meet and what have you found to be the best process for collaborating with each
— Simone and I have been friends for quite some time and we are both passionate about electronic music. In 2017, we decided to take up music production, something that had always attracted us, but not having any basis in music theory, we saw it as a very complicated journey. The urge to get together was there and
we decided to embark on this adventure. From that point, an incredible path opened up and we started developing ourselves with the right skills to make progress. We learnt skills including how to use sampled sounds, sound design with synthesisers, mixing, and mastering. We have continually improved on things day by day and are always seeking to better ourselves and grow our knowledge.
You recently dropped a new EP called REFLECTION and it would be great to learn more about that
— Our EP Reflection was born from multiple factors, the first one is from a collaboration with a friend of ours called CYBR. We had started a track with him a long time ago, but then abandoned it for various reasons.
The track in question is "Acid November" and one random day we saw each other again then decided to pick up where we left off and from there, we were able to finish it.
On the other hand, with the main track on the release called "Reflection", we were in search of particular sounds. We tried to make it as dark as possible, as we were in that mood at that time and are happy with how we captured that emotion. Emotions in a track mean a lot, and can be very powerful.
— What's your studio set up like, and do you prefer analogue or digital equipment?
— We prefer to work digitally and work mainly ITB (in the box). We set up our studio quite classically with good monitors, a few panels for acoustics, and we each have a good pair of headphones.
— REFLECTION is out via Danny Fontana and Annie Hill's record label WE ARE EXISTENCE, and I wanted to ask how you first made contact with them?
— One day I was sitting at my PC listening to some music and I came across some tracks by Danny.
Out of nowhere, I wrote to him, and asked him if he would like to do a collaboration with us. His initial response was to turn us down, but at the same time, he was also constructive. Continuing the conversation, he shared his experience in the world of music and that helped us understand some things in terms of both music production and marketing. He also told us about what kind of projects he had in mind with his new
label and from there a collaboration began which eventually led to our release on We Are Existence.
Do you have any other new releases already scheduled?
— 2022 is pretty much over now, but we have managed in the last 12 months to get some good results that we are very happy with. For 2023, there will be more releases on We Are Existence and another Italian label.
What's been your proudest moment of 2022 and what are the most excited about in 2023?
— In 2023, in addition to the release of some new EPs, we also aim to bring our music to some of the best techno festivals in the world.
— Thanks for talking with us, is there anything else you would like to mention before we finish the interview?
— We want to thank you for this interview and wish everyone happy holidays over Christmas and New Year's Eve. We also want to thank Danny and Annie for their trust and support in signing us to We Are Existence and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

Thank you all!
You can buy a copy of SN-EB's new reflection EP from HERE