Slin Bourgh: don't dream your life - live your dream

Radio Intense is happy to welcome our new guest, Slin Bourgh!

Slin Bourgh, is a DJ and Producer hailing from Berlin, Germany. Slin stands for nothing more than 100% powerful energetic Techno!

We talked to the talent about his new release "All One" on Codex and other projects. Enjoy!
— Tell us a little bit more about yourself and about Slin Bourgh. How did you start DJing and producing music?
— After some years of touring for heavy metal bands as a roadie, where I noticed that I really like the tour life and actually would like to be an artist myself, I realized that it is time to start my own career as a dj, time to take my passion for techno music to a profession. I've owned turntables since I was a teenager and I already played from time to time but at a smaller scale. I also had some contacts in the local techno scene, but I noticed quickly that I wouldn't get very far without publishing my own music.

I remembered the sentence of "Schmier", the singer and bass player from a band I worked for, his motto was "Don't dream your life - live your dream!"

I thought about it and felt it was absolutely true. You have to live your dream.

This is why I started the project "Slin Bourgh" back in 2018. My dream was to produce my own music. It has become my absolute passion. Just like DJing.

Then at the end of 2019 I had my first release on Oscuro Music together with my buddy Heerhorst, he was the guy who taught me mostly all of my skills. He is an incredible producer and an excellent person. With his help, I increased my producing skills very fast. After releases such as on Layer 909, Black Kat or Miles from Mars, I landed on bigger imprints like Analytic Trail, Reload Records or Autektone . Now, after 2 years of pandemic and everything restarting, I am thrilled to have a new agency called "The Church Club" that does my bookings and takes care of my management now.

It is a very ambitious and lovely team of great people. They run a booking agency, a great label and an event agency where they do very cool and huge techno events in Germany.
— Your new release "All One" is coming this month on Codex. What can you tell about the release and the concept behind it?
— Yes, I am happy to already have my second release on Codex. This time my focus was to make a groovier sound with some house music elements in it. For the title track „All One" I was jamming around with some house stabs, that I liked instantly and I decided to make a whole arrangement out of my creative energy in that night. The idea was to create a more simple track with a house vibe combined with a huge techno ground and enough place for a vocal with a timeless message that can be remembered forever.

The B Side „A Square" was a longer journey, in which I switched ideas several times and this is why it ended up the way it is now: an acid track with groovy elements and a strong baseline. Just listen and enjoy.
What was the scene like in the country where you grew up? And how is it right now?
— In the 90s, the techno scene in Germany was mainly present in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg, where I grew up. In the 90s there were a number of good techno clubs in hamburg, such as Unit, Twilight, EFX Club, No Limit and my favorite club Tunnel. Alongside to house/acid and detroit techno, a unique sound was created here "Hamburg Hard Trance" Legends such as Gary138D, Jens Mahlstedt, Martink, Dj Yanny, Mellow D and many more have shaped this unique sound. It was a great time that still inspires me until now.Today, the techno scene in germany is even more diverse. There is everything that a raver's heart and soul desires. A huge variation of techno-styles, Clubs and Festivals with their own unique sound and concept can be found.
— What's your favorite track that you never got to play?
— There are so many! But if I must pick one of it, then it is "Redemption" by RMB. I love this track. Unfortunately, it is a bit too fast for my Slin Bourgh sets ... LoL
— Do you have any influences? Who are they?
— I have a relatively large number of musical influences, such as from hip hop or heavy metal, but the biggest and most influential was clearly the rave sound from germany in the 90s. I will never forget how I experienced my first rave in 1995. My mom had won 2x tickets to the "Time Tunnel Rave" at a radio show. She gave the tickets to my big brother and told him that he should take me with him. She didn't know what a rave was at this time. Otherwise, she wouldn't have let me go there for sure because I was 14 Years old ... haha! Since I looked a bit more mature back then, we actually managed to get past the bouncer. I will never forget that feeling as we stepped onto the dance floor of this huge old warehouse, just in the middle of a few thousand ravers, fog and laser shows. At our arrival Dj Gary 138D had just begun to play this awesome banger "It's a Dream" by Dj Panda. I was just totally blown away by this sound and energy. I still get goose bumps when I remember it.

This event was my main influence.

Since then I wanted to be a techno dj and the next day I went straight to the nearest record store and bought my first vinyls. Even though I didn´t have my own turntable at this time haha.

Also, my time in Ibiza, where I lived in the mid-2000s, also inspired me a lot musically. I just say "The Drill" what a great track ...
— Is there anything else you'd like to add?
— Music unites us all!