Siwell: I work every day on hundreds of new ideas and projects

Today Radio Intense is welcoming an Italian tech house gem - Siwell. Luigi Poggiani aka Siwell is one of the most active producers in the underground scene and in his previous years he has signed tracks on Formatik, Great Stuff Recordings, Sebastien Leger's "Mistakes Music" and collaborations and remixes for the most important artists such like Wally Lopez, Sebastien Leger, Umek, Butch and many others. We talked to Luigi about his music background, latest releases and future opportunities. Check it out below!
Hello Luigi. Thank you for taking the time to answer this interview. How are you feeling today?

— Hello, it's a big pleasure for me. I'm very good thanks!
Tell us about your background. How did you start DJing and producing music?
— I started as a DJ when I was very young, exactly at 13. It was 2003 more or less and my passion for the music was born thanks to a "videogame" called Music 2000 on the PS1. It was a simple game, based on a big library of loops, that was for me the first approach to the "music production". Some months later I was totally in love with this "game" and I started to investigate in something more professional and when I was 14 I started to work on Fruity Loops, It was 2004 so I started with the version 3, Youtube didn't exist, socials didn't exist, so it was really difficult to find good information about sequencers and on music production, so I spent something like 10/12 hours every day to try to understand something and everyday was a new goal for me.

Meanwhile I started to make my first mixes using software like Wavelab or Virtual DJ and at 14 I bought my first console, my Pioneer cdj 100, were a dream for me and I moved the first steps with the first private parties of my friends in my city, Rome. I was playing dance music and house music at the beginning, later aroud 2006 I evolved on electro house and minimal with my first official release called "Airtrack", my first vinyl when I was 17, it was a big achievement for me and then found my "relax zone" with the Tech House around 2009. Tech House for me is the perfect combo of housy grooves and vibes with techno power and energy, so It works perfect for me and for my taste till today.
What is your favorite set time and duration?
— The perfect situation for me is a 3 hour set at a festival, during the first lights of the morning or under the sun in some big and funny pool parties. The sun can create a magical atmosphere and an amazing party mood and I love to enjoy the party and to have fun with the people.
As we live in 2020, we could not help but ask about COVID-19. Were you in Italy when the lockdown happened? How did you spend all the time you got?
— I was in Rome, exactly at my studio when I read the news about the lockdown and I went straight to my home. During the way I saw long queues of people outside the supermarkets, it was unbelievable.

During the quarantine I spent many time at my home studio, working on new projects and to set up new business and I spent a looooot of time to cook and of course to eat and DRINK :)
Can you tell us more about your latest releases? What is special about them?
— My latest release is special for me because I'm working hard to set up my new label "Tropica Records". This is the 5th release of the label and I decided to release a tech house track using a sample of an old famous song "Cruel Summer" but it's not really a cover, it's just a very energetic groove with a sweet female voice and this union works great for me and for the people too because it seems that the track is going very well on the charts and has received a lot of support from many dj's.

Another important track for me, produced during the quarantine days is the collaboration with one of my favorite dj and also producer, DJ CHUS. I have great respect for him, I bought a lot of his vinyls when i started to dj when I was very young and it was fantastic for me to work on a new track with him called "Love Me" released on Toolroom Records. I said "a new" because I have already worked with Chus several years ago, 2012 if I'm not mistaken, a track called "Circulando". It was a collab on my old label Sphera Records. But anyway, every track is special in it's own way.
Describe your regular day in the studio.
— It's not easy ahah. usually, after 30 min by car I'm at my studio in Rome, around 9.30 am for 8/12 hours every day. Obviosly I don't spend all that time for my projects, as I'm an audio engineer I work with many clients all over the world for mix, mastering, music productions etc, from pop music to techno.

Actually the studio is just a part of a big structure called "Kaleido Music Agency". The last year with my partner Jude (of the house music project Jude & Frank) we decided to open a new landmark for dj and producers (…now we have also some pop singers, tv characters etc..). We work with all the staff from the music productions till the management, so, my super busy day in studio usually concludes with some business calls, meetings with our artists or with my partners in the evening. That's all :)
Any exciting new projects coming up that you can share with us?
About my tracks, I have some cool music coming out the next months on my releases home Toolroom Records and on Incorrect music of my American bro Anthony Attalla. Anyway, I work every day on hundreds of new ideas and projects, i'm not able to stay focused on just 1 thing but unfortunately I can't say nothing about them, anyway if you follow me on my socials channels on the next months there will be huuuuge news!!!
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