Siwell, Castion: "Rewind" is a tech house track with a lot of tribal touches on it

Two powerful artists Castion and Siwell joined forces to deliver their new thrilling tech house release "Rewind" on Risky!

At the moment, Siwell is one of the most active dj-producers on the Tech House scene with more than 150 official releases behind.
In more than 15 years of DJ career he had the pleasure to perform all around the world from Europe to USA and South America in some of the most important clubs and festivals like at Space, Pachà, Ministry Of Sound, Soul Tech Festival, Cavo Paradiso, Bora Bora, ADE and Miami WMC official events just to name a few.
In his previous years he has signed tracks on Toolroom Records, Stereo Productions, Axtone Sony Music and more.

Castion is another prodigious DJ and producer with releases at: Spinnin' Records, Armada Music, Revealed, HEXAGON, Dim Mak, Mixmash, Dharma, NCS, Future House Music, NYX, etc.

We invited both talents for a chat to find out more, enjoy!
— Hello guys and welcome to Radio Intense! How are things with you and what have you been up to lately?
Siwell: Hello guys, it's a pleausure to be once again with you! I'm in studio as usual and i just exported a lot of cool music for the next weeks!
Castion: Hi guys, it's a real pleasure! Everything is going well lately, I've been working on a lot of tracks and also closing some upcoming shows!
We're excited to be speaking with you ahead of your debut on Risky with your track 'Rewind'. Our congratulations on this release, it's a great track!
What can you tell us about 'Rewind'?
— We are so excited about this one! Rewind is a Tech House track with a lot of tribal touches on it, perfect for summer festivals and clubs!
We'd love to hear a bit about the creative process on Rewind, how did you approach this one?
Siwell: Yes I received the demo from Castion and I loved the tribal vibes on it so i decided to add my touch on it and the result was great!
Castion: I started a track idea based in tribal vibes and sent to Siwell for collab request. He loved it and we finished the track. I really like and respect his work so I am super happy and proud to release this one with him!
— As successful artists both independently and together, we'd love to hear the story about how you first came together to collaborate?
Siwell: We talked the first time to collab on this track and we immediately felt in tune, i'm always open to collab with new people and to listen what the other producers send to me, obviously this is not always possible but for me is very important to establish a good feeling with the people i'm working with, the resulti s always the best!
Castion: I've been listening to Siwell's music for a while now and I got him in mind to send new music for collaboration. I contacted him and sent the idea of "Rewind" old named as "Mood & Rewind" and he digged it a lot.
— And what is the workflow like when you collaborate?
Siwell: Castion shared to me the stems of the track and I worked on them with my favorite daw Ableton and we reviewed it step by step with some whatsapp calls. Very easy!
Castion: I work in FL Studio and Siwell in Ableton so we had to work through stems.
Do you have some favourite music that's not for to the floor - and if so how did you first get introduced to it?
Siwell: Grew up in a family where the music was omnipresent, so I listened any kind of music from early 90's when a was a kid until now, from electronic music like Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Enigma etc.. to american rap and artists like 2pac, Notorius Big, Eminem etc, to Rock and I still love to listen these classics or discover new music of the genre, but honestly i don't listen anymore modern Rock, just some evergreen.
Castion: I am really enjoying some new school's reggaeton such as Quevedo and Feid, so I enjoy listening to their tunes at my daily routine!
— What does a normal day look like for you both?
Siwell: If I'm not out for tour my normal day is a very quiet routine. I wake up around 8.30 and I go to my studio/agency that is like 30km from my home, I usually have a meeting with my staff in the morning to plan what to do and later I lock myself in studio until the evening, with a break for some meetings during the day with some artists and I back to home in the evening our i'm going to eat/drink something, so, a quiet routine.
Castion: I'll write you a normal day in my: I wake up in the morning, take a breakfast and then I prepare myself to go to the gym for some hard workouts. Then I take a relax shower while practicing a deep meditation. I take my lunch and sit in the studio for the entire afternoon and evening. Then I take my dinner and go out for a friends meeting at night.
— Lastly... who would you want to collab with?
Dead or alive.
Siwell: Michael Jackson is too much…? Anyway a dream that can never become reality.
Castion: I am really loving what Acraze, John Summit, and HUGEL are doing lately so would be incredible to make something with them! I'm sure it will happen one day...
— Thanks for your time today! To round off, is there anything else upcoming from you both that you'd like to share with us?
Siwell: Ok I can say that meanwhile we are working on a new track together and I have other big collabs coming out on the next months, one of these with my bro Jude&Frank and about my gigs I have just closed some great events and festivals that will be announced veeery soon!
Castion: Thank you so much! This is an amazing opportunity for us! I personally have some big releases coming up during the year that I can't reveal yet, and also some big gigs closed already. Can't wait to reveal it really soon to all of you!