Sisko Electrofanatik: we are what we play

Today we are happy to present you our next guest - Sisko Electrofanatik!

Francesco Fortuna, aka "Sisko Electrofanatik" is a DJ and Producer from Rome, Italy. His style in DJ sets was always surrounded with electronic sound, and that is how he was eventually tagged with the nick "Electrofanatik". After a few years of doing gigs he started to feel the need to create a personal sound, so he began to produce and express his creativity in the current underground style. His productions immediately reached top 10 charts, they were appreciated and played by international renowed artists Like: Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Pan-Pot, Chrisl Liebing, Sam Paganini, Umek, Alan Fitzpatrick, Deep Dish, Amelie Lens and many more.

We asked the talent about his first steps in the career, new release "Osiris" on Codex and upcoming projects. Read it now!
— Hi Francesco! How are you? Thanks for answering these questions!
— Ciao! thanks to you for this interview =)
— Please, tell us more about "Sisko Electrofanatik". What is a story behind the name and project?
— It was an addition to my first artistic name as "Sisko", at the beginning of my career I played at little clubs and bar in my city , generally my acts were in commercial clubs and in every set I used to test and play something more "techno" or "underground " sometimes my first productions too! The people and friends said me that I was a "fanatic of electronic music" and I used also the nick "electrofanatik".
— You were born and raised in Rome. Can you tell your favorite places to party there? What can you tell about the Italian nightlife?
— I was pleased to play in a lot of clubs here in my town, one of my favorite places is the "Ex Magazzini" club where I played with Spartaque!

The night life here is on continuing mutation from the new fellas generation, we have great clubs and big artists.
— How can you define your own sound? What makes it unique?

— My sound is what I am, I love to ride from the peak time and melodic techno to underground and raw sounds, I define it "Dreamtechno! It's generally characterized with electronic sounds and big drops.
— Your new release "Osiris" is coming later this month on Codex. What can you tell about the track?
I was inspired by the Egyptian Myth God "Osiris" the melody in the drop remind me the secrets and mystery behind the Egyptian Era and Mythology.

I've joined my idea of peak time mainstream techno with sound design works on the main arp synths and analogue sounds.
— It's not your first collaboration with Codex. What do you like about the label?
It's my second release, I love Codex from the beginning, I received regularity the promos from my buddy Spartaque and the sound of the label match perfectly with my idea of Modern techno and I play many tracks on my shows and gigs.
— Do you have any forthcoming projects in the nearest future?
— Yes i have an upcoming releases on Unrilis, Analytictrail, OFF and my label Gain Records.