Shermanology: every track is a combination of both our visions

Today we are pleased to welcome another guest, Shermanology!

Continuing their global footprint, Shermanology delivers the new Guitarra EP on their innovative D'EAUPE imprint. This latest release features two iconic tracks Guitarra and Que te Toca that pronounce their inherent character and reflect upon their Latin roots. Showcasing a blend of Latin and Soul, this loud and proud latin EP is released on September 2nd and is a timely tribute to the original culture and traditional influences of this dynamic duo. We caught up with Shermanology to find out more.
— Hello guys! Both of you have been producing and involved in the music scene from a young age. How did this come about?
Dorothy: Our father is a singer. I started singing at a very young age. By the time I was 15 I was singing in a band. And doing backing vocals for my dad.
Andy: Our whole family consists of musicians. Our dad and uncles had a group called "the sherman brother" . They had great success in the 70/80s. We are continuing what they started.
What are each of your first memories of the house scene specifically, how did you both get involved in djing and producing and who were the key people in your early career that helped you craft your career in music?
Dorothy: I think I was around 24 /25 when I was starting to appreciate it. I used to be all about r&b. ( I still am by the way. Andy was the one who helped me with everything.

Andy: Our 1st memories of the house scene was when andy become the front singer of the UK Garage formation artful dodger. That was where we fell in love with UK Garage & House music. After that we moved back to Holland to start Shermanology.

Key people for our career are Artful Dodger, Funkerman, Fedde Le grand
What was the first house record that you each bought? (Please can you give us a soundcloud or youtube link and a couple of sentences about the record please).
Dorothy: cece pennniston- finally. I loved the vocals and she still is such a boss!

Andy: This one of the 1st records I bought as a DJ. Dennis Ferrer is one of biggest inspiration. The balans he has between vocals but still for the dance floor is something that inspires me on a daily basis.
What skills would you say each other bring to the Shermanology Project?
Dorothy: Andy has a drive to succeed like no one else I know. He has a great ear and he is a very talented producer and writer. And energy for 10 people! I am lucky to have him on my side !
Andy: I bring the beats & Dorothy brings most of the vocals. Every track is a combination of both our visions.
What do you feel makes Shermanology different to other acts right now?
Dorothy: I think it is the fact that we do not look at others or try to do what others do.
We bring our own sound because of that.

Andy: I think it's the fact that we do all songs live in our set. It feels like it gives it that extra on stage. At least that is how it feels for us.
— How would you describe your latest release 'Guitarra', please can you give us a bit of history about the release?
Dorothy: I used to sing in latin bands and also did ranchera backing vocals for my dad and others. It is a part of who we are. We grew up with so many different genres .

Guitarra is just one of the different styles that people did not know we can do. It was just a matter of time before we did it!
I have so much interest in doing vocals that I have never done before. Or that I have never recorded before!
I love imitating peoples voices. I study the a type of vocal for fun. Just to be able to teach myself something new. Flamenco is one of them. I love flamenco so I wanted to make a song influenced by it.. and then guitarra was born !

Andy: So we decided to go into the studio and write with that salsa vibe in mind.
We didn't know when we recorded the vocal how we would translate it to an electronic track. But we love a challenge when it comes to blending different genres
So once we had the vocal , Andy worked on the music. And thats how the Guitarra track was born.

For "Que te toca" we had a different approach. We have been friends with Dj Buddha and Maceo for a while. And we always thought about doing a "dem bow" house song. So I made the instrumental with the dem bow kind of vibe. I tested it out & I felt that with the right vocal this could be something fresh.
Within one day Buddha & Maceo send us the vocal. It matched the production perfectly. & that's how we made "Que te toca".
— This new release really leans into your culture and international influences. How do you see this changing the future sound of Shermanology?
Dorothy : That is what makes it fun for us. To be able to blend our culture in our music makes it personal. Let's just say that there are more surprizes to come .

Andy: The future of our sound is to blend all cultures that have inspired us with house music. From salsa to UKG and everything in between. That is what keeps it fresh for us in the studio. We never wanna go back to where people know what to expect from us.
It's all about challenging each other & we will do everything we can to make every EP sound different
— What studio equipment and plugins were essential in crafting Guitarra and "Que te toca"?
Andy: What I use a lot for my basslines are a plug in called "Trillian " & for drums I use my Maschine from Narive instruments . I also just got a Mini moog for my basses
I'm a big fan from izotope for my mixes. Neutron , trash & ozone are my favs.
Who are your greatest influences as producers?
—I love Kerri Chandler , Dennis Ferrer , Jamie Jones , Green Velvet.
You have both managed to build long term careers in the notoriously difficult music industry. What essential tips can you give to artists who are starting out on how to create their sound, get their tracks signed and on how to enjoy a long and fruitful career?
Dorothy: my advice would be. Do not copy others. Make music for yourself , what would you like to hear on the dancefloor. Being patient and not giving up on your dreams is most important. It is so easy to think that it is impossible. Or when times get rough ( and believe me it will ) don't give up! Make as many demos as you can so that you can find your sound. It is very time consuming but very necessary to put in time! Ups and downs are part of it and do not lose hope when someone does not believe you can do it. Get in contact with labels that you like and send your best demos! And enjoy the ups as much as you can because the downs are also part of it.
We have taken many risks when we switched up the sound , it took years to get back up. I am keeping it real with you guys !

Andy: Think the most essential things is to stick to your vision . That's the only way to stand out. Be original when you chose your sound. & don't be afraid to use sounds that have never been used. Try to sound original. That's the way to stand out & get your tracks signed. And don't be afraid to fail. You will learn along the way. & don't sit on your demos 4 too long. Finish it. Release it. & on to the next. And never get discouraged when a label doesn't wanna sign your track. Maybe the track is not for that particular label. Just keep on moving. That is the way to have a long and fruitful career .
The electronic world has been perhaps one of the most heavily hit industries in the current Covid pandemic. It is, however, a time to reflect on our industries sustainability and how we move forward. What changes for the positive would you both love to see to the industry as we slowly emerge from the worldwide lockdowns?
Dorothy: I will say what I always say and that is ladies, I know that this is a mans world it right now is the perfect time to let them hear what you can do !

Andy: I think that after Covid people really appreciate that raves again. They come to party. I really feel that the energy as soon as the party starts. And I love that.
— And finally what else can we expect from Shermanology in 2022?
Dorothy: There are many more styles to be studied and many more genres that I listen to , so we will be implementing them in our music.
One thing I can say is that we will be having fun creating new music !

Andy: We have a lot of new music lined up and some great collabs also. 2022 & 2023 are all about releasing music that's close to our heart. We will fully focus on our label D'EAUPE . We we wanna help artists develop their tracks. And put down a funky soulfull sound.