Seleck: I have been lucky not to stop DJing in 30 years

Radio Intense is always happy to present you worthy artists. This time we are talking about an artist who loves music above all and has made a lifestyle out of it. Meet Seleck!

Seleck aka Coqui Selection started his DJ career in 1991 and have not stopped since then.

Under the alias of Coqui Selection he has over 750 releases, including originals and remixes, ranking the top 100, publishing most of his work in the major download portals worldwide, reaching several time the No.1's on the charts for both genres, House and Tech-House.

In 2020 he appeared with his new alias Seleck to bring us his most melodic and progressive musical vision.

We talked to Seleck about his way in the industry, recent release "Heartbeat" on Area Verde and other insights. Dig it right now!
— Hello Seleck! How is everything going? Thanks for answering these questions!
— It is my pleasure to answer your questions.
— As far as I know you started your DJ career back in 1991. How was it? How did you realize you are interested in electronic music scene?
— Since I was little, I have gone everywhere with my radio-cassette player. As soon as I had some money I bought my first mixer, some "Acoustic Control" turntables (I had no money for technics) and started spending my entire savings on vinyl records. Going to clubs and then looking for songs that I liked in the stores, it was almost an obsession, but I loved it. Shortly after, when I was 17 years old I joined the Woody nightclub booth, my first job as a professional DJ. There all my passion for the electronic scene was magnified and it ended up becoming my way of life.
— A lot of things have changed in the industry since the 90s. What was the biggest challenge for you due to those modifications?
— I have never felt a change as a challenge. I have simply been adapting to the new times. I have been lucky not to stop DJing in 30 years that I have been in this profession and I have simply been adding to my career what the industry was demanding. Nowadays I think that it is very important for a DJ also to be a producer, but I was already doing that in 1992 when I started making music. Everything else, changes in formats, the way festivals have grown and clubs dwindled, all the changes I have seen as a natural advance of industry. Another thing is that I like it more or less.
— You are from Spain, more specifically, from Valencia. What can you tell about the Valencian nightlife? Do you have your favorite venue to play or to party?
— Valencia has always been a city deeply linked to electronic music. Since the 80s and 90s with the famous "Ruta del bacalao" where we were one of the most important and influential destinations in all Europe, until today where it continues to lead with first-rate festivals and artists who continue to bet on this scene. I love my city, you always find interesting musical alternatives, even in these difficult times that we are living. As a DJ I love playing music at Medusa Beach Club (Cullera). I feel very free there.
— Let's talk about your productions. I saw your recent release "Heartbeat" on Area Verde is already in Beatport Top 100 Progressive Chart. Congratulations! What makes this release special?
— Well, really all the releases that I have released with Area Verde have entered the Top100.

With "Heartbeat" I wanted to complete Seleck's instrumental line with beautiful vocals, in a very commercial line thinking of radios and streaming platforms. I think you have to have your head in the club but also in the less specialized public and perhaps with this type of song we can take them to our progressive style. I want to have an open mind to everything and everyone.
— This is the third time when you choose Area Verde for your releases. What do you like about working with the label?
— I think that Area Verde places a very important value on promotion and I like that very much. As a producer I want to make good music, but I need it to have visibility and Area Verde is strong in this regard.

I really like that they provide me with the material for the promotion. It is a job that producers end up doing on many occasions and they work on it in a serious and professional way.
— Any new releases or other projects coming up soon?
— Soon with Seleck there is a compilation prepared soon with Area Verde where I contribute a new track. New E.P with Freegrant Music called "Bushido" and with my other a.k.a Coqui Selection I will release 2 news, in "tech-house" line with Darkside & Happy Techno.