Sam Shure: music saved me and gave me an extreme amount of hope and motivation

Eighteen months on from the release of his twelve-track Under Darkening Skies LP back in June 2021, famed German producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Monolink now returns to one of the standout singles from his critically acclaimed sophomore album, as he enlists hotly-tipped, Berlin-based producer Sam Shure to provide his own unique take on Reflections.

Released via Embassy One, Sam Shure's remix sees the Stil Vor Talent mainstay impart an intense, underground energy into Monolink's original single, as he unravels a dark web of glitchy soundscapes and deep bass beneath Steffen Linck's instantly recognisable topline, to create a trippy techno cut that's already been doing some serious damage across international dancefloors this year. We caught up with the man himself to find out more.
Hello Sam, and thanks for taking the time to chat to us. We're nearing the end of another year. How has 2022 been for you so far? Any highlights?
— 2022 was a year of many ups and downs. I have learned and grown a lot this year through personal strokes of fate. On a private level, it was by far the most difficult and instructive year of my life. The beauty of it is that music, as cliche as it sounds, saved me and gave me an extreme amount of hope and motivation. Artistically, 2022 was by far my most creative and motivated year and I can't wait to share the fruits of my labor with the world. Two highlight shows this year definitely where my debuts at fabric London and Bar Americas, Guadalajara.
— What have you been up to recently? What does a normal day look like for you at the moment?
I am laying in bed in Los Angeles in this very moment. It is the second to last stop of my official debut US tour and I am pretty excited for the shows here and in New York the day after.
Massive congratulations on your huge new remix of Monolink's 'Reflections'. Can you talk to us through the release and what fans can expect when it drops?
— Thank you! My main intention for this remix was to create a dance floor version of the rather laid back original. For me it was important to keep all of the Lyrics as close as possible to the original since I really love the depth of them and think the message should be contained. I've played this remix countless times this summer and I am pretty happy that it works in a peak time moment, for the last bit of a warm up or even when you play a closing.
How did you connect with Monolink for this project?
We met years ago due to a very delayed flight to Turkey for the first time. When the airline gave out vouchers for free food & drinks I didn't want to carry my luggage to the kiosk so I looked for a trustable looking person who I could bring some food in return for looking after my suitcase. Steffen had a guitarcase so i felt like he would be a good pick for that trade haha. We got along well from that point on, over the years build a lot of the same friends circles and also run often into each other since our studios are in the same building. This March he asked me if I would be down to remix one the songs from his latest album which I of course was very happy to confirm.
Going back to your formative years, can you explain when and how you fell in love with electronic music? Was there a particular moment when the penny dropped?
— I was getting in touch with „underground" electronic music through older friends who introduced me to paul kalkbrenner. Him and his music and later on Berlin calling where the main reason for me to go more and more into this direction and away from producing hiphop beats. Listening to his style and the combination of techno and more accessible melodies did the trick for me back then.
What music (or artists) have played the biggest role in shaping you as an artist?
It again might sound like a cliche but my father and his music (jazz /classic) Probably had the biggest influence on me as an artist today. I grew up with hearing him practice and play Out, Piano, Table and all sort of instruments every day and he took me early on to his concerts and sometimes also to his band (cairo steps) rehearsals.
How would you describe your sound, and why did you choose to pursue your particular brand electronic music over other styles? What is it about the genre that you love so much?
— Oh that's a hard one which is almost impossible to answer. Art in general is ever evolving and i have the feeling you have to seek for a challenge and excitement in what you do at all times. My sound at the moment is very different from how I started and for sure very different from how it will sound like in 5 years. In general I like melody, harmony and energy in my music and I always try to be myself when I create something. About electronic i love so much that its infinite. You can basically play EVERY instrument of the planet via samplers, use all sorts of analog and digital synthesis and record / modulate and edit any audio signal that you can record. It equals endless creative possibilities and feels like a safe place for me.
Looking forwards, do you have any specific goals or objectives you would like to achieve as an artist over the next few years?
There is a few projects and goals I have in mind but I feel like it would spoil surprise if I share them already now, so ill probably have to keep them for me for the moment ..:)
If you could put on your own show anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would you have joined you on the lineup?
— Oh that's a hard one too.. There is simply too many beautiful places to point out one specific but i´d go for somewhere in europe in summertime or asia/south america in the wintertime.

On the lineup I'd probably put: Dixon, Mind Against, Monolink, Deer Jade, Adriatique, Tal Fussman, Innellea, Yulia Niko, Terr, Aera b2b Echonomist and Coloray but the list could go on for ages.
Where can we see you perform over the coming months? Any big tours planned?
— I am just finishing up a long tour including shows in Asia, Debut Australia, Central & debut North America so the last weeks this year are going to be some time off to be in the studio and recharge the batteries. In 2023 there are plenty of shows locked in and many more to come so stay tuned.
Finally, do you have any other projects coming up soon that you'd like to share with us?
— I know I've been teasing my followers since a long time with „lots of new music soon" but the „soon" is actually really happening in the next 8 weeks haha. I have some appearances on pretty acclaimed labels upcoming and a lot piled up for 2023.
Thank you Sam, we wish you all the best!
— My pleasure, thanks for the questions!