Rudosa: I'm constantly changing things slightly from release to release

Today we are pleased to welcome our next guest, Rudosa!

The talented Manchester based artist, Rudosa, champions a fusion of Hard Hypnotic Techno and euphoric overtones. He transports you back to a 90's/early 2000's era and makes you lose track of time and reality.

Spanning several years of successful releases, Rudosa is now mainly releasing on his own imprint, Moments in Time. He has gained constant support from, Amelie Lens, Richie Hawtin, Dax J and countless more.

We talked to the master about his music projects and experience in the industry. Find out more below!
Thanks for joining us Mark, where in the world are you now?
— Sunny for a change Manchester UK :)
Rudosa is a name any may know from your releases on We Are The Brave, Terminal M and Tronic. Your sound now is very different – why the change?
— I would say my sound has always been on the hard side of all those labels to be honest so it didn't feel like a huge shift to move onto a more raw and old school path of techno my sets would always include records from labels I'm now releasing on, so it was just a natural progression towards it.
Do you feel it's necessary for artists to reinvent themselves to stay on top of their game?
— I think so yes, I'm constantly changing things slightly from release to release adapting my style to what I'm feeling in my sets.
You also started your own label, with this heavier techno vibe. Lots of nice releases from other artists as well as your own. Do you think people start their own labels due to the frustration of not being able to sign what they want elsewhere?
— I started Moments In Time because I had a huge record that had a large scale of demand behind it so I felt like it was a perfect chance to start a label and also I could have full control over the release. I was also playing many records from friends that didn't have a home and I felt they needed to come out on a label that would give them the spotlight it deserved. It's still like this now really its very rare I sign a demo from a random email. I tend to be playing and chatting to artists for a while before we look at a release.
Are you focusing your releases solely on your label or also on others? If so, where and what are some labels you admire and aspire to?
— EP wise I'm mainly focusing on releasing on Moments In Time but have some cool VA releases coming up in the next few months. One of those is on Dusk Records and another on AKRONYM. Both have a slightly more old school hard groove techno feel which I'm really loving at the moment.
What's next on Moments In Time release wise?
— This year's release schedule is PACKED! We have Moments Vol 3 just completing then EP's from some MIT regulars as well as some new faces it's going to be a fun year. We also are starting our own events series so watch this space!!!
Do you feel its a labels duty to be a platform for unheard music and new producers?
— I don't really care if it's a new artist or not, to be honest, it just needs to be what I'm feeling and from someone who is consistently being played in my sets.
Piece of advise for an artist wanting to sign to Moment In Time?
— Don't send me a demo, look where I'm playing and send me a promo for my set chances are if I'm feeling it I'll ask for more and then the dialogue is open and things will happen organically.
Finally, when can we expect your own next release?
— I've actually just released a record this week. It was originally supposed to be part of my 'Passive Submission' EP on MIT but we decided to have a Sara Landry remix on that release so my then Agency BLAKKSHEEP have started a label called SXHWARZWILD and I had the perfect track. 'Desire For Peace' is available now on all stores and dropping on vinyl this summer.