Rudaki: I'm a dreamer and entertainer

Today we are pleased to welcome another guest, Rudaki!

Rudaki is a Persian rooted artist based in Amsterdam.

We spoke with the music wizard to find out more about his latest release on Codex titled "Meet Her at the Rave" and other projects, enjoy!
— Hello Rudaki! How are you? Thanks for talking with us today!
— I'm good and thanks for having me.

As you can imagine I'm super excited with my release on Codex last Friday which just entered Beatport top 100 and all the great feedback I received so far for this release.
— To start with, let's talk about what you've been doing in the last couple of years. What would be the highlights of your career development during this time?
— It has been a strange period for us all in the last 2 years, but I still managed to create some little victory moments. After rebranding and rediscovering my musical passion, I returned in 2019 with my new alter ego Rudaki. Straight after the first releases all went into a lockdown. I had to create new opportunities for my brand awareness and not focusing only on my releases.Together with my management we created some extra ordinary streams on stunning locations. One of my favorites was on a boat cruising through the typical Dutch landscape, while standing almost with my feet in the water. We managed to get support by some great platforms like Technov and mr. Afterparty, which gave a great boost to my profile.

In the moments the world was 'open' I had the honor to play a couple of sit-down events in Germany and the Netherlands, but definitely one of the biggest highlights was performing at Verknipt Wonderland Festival in Amsterdam.
— What kind of things are aspiring you at the moment?
— I'm a dreamer and entertainer. I would love extend my growth and entertain as much people as I can with my positive vibes!
Congratulation on your release "Meet Her at the Rave" coming on Codex! What can you tell about it? What's the story behind the release?
— When I look at the nightlife, for me it is the place where you meet new people and new friendships are born. Many relations have started at a rave and "Meet Her At The Rave" is representing that feeling!
Imagine yourself wandering around at a rave and suddenly you bump into that special person. The energy and sexiness I tried to capture into this song.
— How did you get the name Rudaki?
— I love Raki and my real name is Ruud. Rudaki was born hahaha.
No no no just kidding, after rebranding my sound a new name was needed, a name that reflects my roots and my DJ skills. I love to play long sets and take people on a musical journey, like a proper track selector combining little musical diamonds with the recognizable hits! As I'm born in Iran and guess what many ancient famous Poets are coming from there. I took the liberty to use Rudaki as he is a"founder of New Persian poetry". As Techno is the new poetry, Rudaki (2.0) was born.
— How did you spend your lockdown/pandemic time? What did you accomplish before the entertainment world began to open up again?
— Besides creating momentums as said prior in this interview, I also invested a lot of time in my weekly stream radio show "Aquatone Live" on AMW.FM. I had the liberty to invite guests such as Drumcomplex and some local Amsterdam techno heads to connect with their fans and some 'little mini raves' in the studio.
— Is there anything else you'd like to add?
— Anyone interested in some Khoresht-e Fesenjan?

Haha… Just keep an eye on my socials to stay up to date and have a bit of a laugh once in a while.