RSRRCT: as an artist, I think I would describe myself as persistent

RSRRCT is an up and coming DJ and Producer, who has found his home base between Amsterdam and Koh Phangan. Born in Washington D.C., RSRRCT discovered a love for electronic music early in life and at the age of 23, he relocated to the Dutch capital of Amsterdam where he discovered his love for techno.

Radio Intense talked to the electronic music gem about his journey in the industry, new release on Codex and upcoming projects.

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— Hello RSRRCT! How are you doing? Where are you right now?
— Doing great! I'm currently visiting my parents outside of Washington D.C., so enjoying some relaxation and family time.
— So, who is RSRRCT? How would you describe yourself as an artist?
— RSRRCT came about as a project for me to be able to focus on my techno productions. It's more of a passion project for me, as I am involved with other projects as well, but this one represents my vision for what I personally like. As an artist, I think I would describe myself as persistent. I am always trying to learn new production techniques and better my craft. I always try to stay busy and take steps every day that will help me accomplish my goals in music and spread my work as far as possible.
— How did you become interested in electronic music scene? Why did you choose techno?
— I remember hearing dance music throughout the 90s growing up. Both of my parents worked full time and, we often had one babysitter in particular who would always play electronic music and I remember loving it. That along with an introduction into music composition at a computer camp I attended when I was 8 years old led me to start making my own music at 17. I was lucky to also have two teachers in high school who encouraged me to pursue my interests in it. From there I made the trip to Amsterdam for ADE as it was always an electronic music hub and found techno and fell in love with the genre.
— As I know, you are based between the Netherlands and Ko Pha Ngan which is in Thailand. Why exactly those places in the world? How did it happen?
— I've been visiting Amsterdam off and on since I was about 19 years old, and I studied at the University of Amsterdam. It's really one of the best scenes in the world. The parties are great and you are surrounded by other producers and DJs so it is an awesome place to learn as well. After I graduated I just didn't see any reason to leave. Its a great home base. As for Thailand, a good friend of mine moved to there with his wife some years ago and just kept telling me I had to visit. Eventually, I did and it was amazing. The parties offer a completely different vibe from what I was used to in Amsterdam, and I have been lucky to have played at lots of great places there ranging from beach events to the main stage at the Half-Moon Festival. That and it's a great alternative to the Netherland's notoriously bad winter weather.
— Which release or event would you consider as a turning point in your career?
— To be honest, all of my releases have built up to how things are going. I think as a new artist it is important to release quality music regularly. I've had a lot of support from great labels like Gem, CODEX, Say What?, and many more. These releases have led to some other great labels taking notice in my music and some of those tracks will be coming out in the next months.
— Your new release "Don't Stop the Overdrive" is out on Codex Recordings. What can you tell about the tracks? How was the production process?
— Well, the thing that is unique about this release is that I used my own vocals for both tracks. I've been doing this more often lately and will continue to do so. I really like writing lyrics and I think using your own vocals really gives tracks a personal touch. It's also something that no one else can really emulate easily.
— What's in the store for RSRRCT in the nearest future?
— I have some big releases on the horizon with some of my strongest tracks to date. I just finished building my new studio so I will be hard at work as soon as I get back to Amsterdam until events start to open up again. I'm also in talks about starting my own event series as soon as it is possible. Lots of hard work going on right now.