Roxe: I just want to work hard and follow this path

Today Radio Intense is ready to share another pleasant interview. This time we have had a chat with Roxe!

Roxe is a Spanish DJ & Producer and a huge music admirer. We talked to the rising tech house star about his path in the music industry, new release "Winner" coming on RIM and future outlooks. Take a look now, you don't wanna miss it!
Hi Jorge! How are you? Thank you for answering this interview!
— I'm fine! Thank you. Pleased to have this interview and having the opportunity of talking with you a little about myself and my music.
So, let's see where it's all begun. How did you start DJing and producing?
— I have to say that from a very young age I've been listening to electronic music, my father had some CDs that seemed incredible to me. I remember at home listening to some parts of Equinox by Jean Michel Jarr. I fell in love with that sound. From there I started to search for my inner-self and it was in the 90s when I discovered a lot of new music. What really drove me crazy was the legendary group - The Prodigy. It was that "Broken Rhythm" that really marked me.

My beginnings in production are linked to the moment when I discovered the Breakbeat genre, 15 years ago. Not only did I love those kinds of rhythms, but I also felt a huge curiosity to know and understand how they were done. It was there when someone told me about FL Studio, and well, that software came into my life to stay. I also bought some turntables and started buying vinyls, which brings me great memories. That feeling arriving at the store full of records, trying one and the other and fighting with my brother to see who got the best ones.
What does "Roxe" mean?
— I have produced so many styles of music throughout my life and have used various names, but it was when I discovered Tech House that I decided to focus myself to this genre. I committed myself to a project that I dedicated a lot of time to, it was 3 years of work before showing myself to the world my artist name - Roxe.
You are constantly producing and releasing. How do you manage to stay so productive? Maybe you can share some tips?
— I wish I were always this productive, that's not normal. What happens is that people only see what we sign and release, but they don't see the incredible hard work behind.

I think the most important here is to be self-critical enough to know that not everything you do is good. You need to create a discipline to know when is your best time to work, for how long you are can stay efficient and how much you need to clear yourself. In the end it all comes down to making good use of your time.
You release "Winner" is coming soon on RIM. It's two-tracks EP. What can you tell about those tracks?
— The story behind Winner is that I started to create it after going to an event in Seville to see Wade. Something that freaked me out was seeing the reaction of people when the break of a track is really intense, then it silences and suddenly hits the drop. People literally exploded! And that's exactly what I did with 'Winner'.

Days after, I contacted Wade and sent him some of my promos and turned out that he liked my work. He had an elRow party at Brasil that same week, and he played my tracks. The crowd loved them.

The most incredible thing is that the following week I received an offer from his manager to be on their roster and work at the same agency.

Then I started to make another track based on my own track and I created the second one from this EP, called 'Save And Follow'.
Any exciting project coming up soon?
— Actually... YES! I have a very important release coming up. An amazing EP on SOLOTOKO for January 2021 and a couple of collaborations that I can't reveal yet. Stay tunned!
What do you expect from 2021 and what would you like to achieve as "Roxe" in 2021?
— 2021 will be another weird year. My project is working and I have managed to make myself a little more visible on the scene. I just want to work hard and follow this path. As an artist I have many things to achieve, I want to sign on so many labels that I love, collaborate with artists that I admire and of course I would also like to make appearances as a DJ on events, but that is beyond my control. So... 2021, I hope the year lets make my dreams come true.