Roger Lavelle: I still have a lot of time to spend in the studio

Today Radio Intense had a pleasure to talk with Roger Lavelle!

Roger Lavelle can be described as a veteran DJ, based in Switzerland. With a 25 years career, this primary Trance influenced artist was playing around until 2016. Then, after a short pause, he came back for more, always supporting the underground scene.

We talked to Roger about his early years, favorite places in Switzerland and recent release "We are now" on IAMT. Enjoy!
— Hello Roger! How are you doing? Thanks for answering these questions.
— Sali zäme (Swiss German) big thanks to the Radio Intense team for giving me the opportunity to do an interview here.

I am fine thanks.
— Please, let us know more about yourself. What is a story behind the artist "Roger Lavelle"?
— So Roger is my real first Name and Lavelle means "Pure" think that matches my Techno style / Productions. My year of Manufacture (LOL) is 1968 . I started years ago as a promoter and was organizing parties. So i am influenced by the 90s and 2000s about Electronic Music .
— You are from Switzerland. What can you tell about nightlife there? Do you have your favorite place to party or to play in the country?
— Switzerland is known for the Streeparade in Zurich . So we have a lot of nice Cities where the People love Techno like Zürich , Bern , Basel , St.Gallen .

My favorite Clubs are Nordstern (Basel) or Hive (Zürich)
— Your release "We are Now" has been recently out on IAMT. What can you tell about the release? How would you describe both tracks?
— These two tracks were created when covid started . Influenced by an old movie called Darkstar by John Carpenter . Especially the track "We are Now" has some space and trance character.
— How is it going for you in terms of gigs this season? Have you already come back to playing?
— Now in Switzerland the clubs are open but it's not that easy with all those restrictions. My first Gig will be in August . And our Festival "Deep in Love" is
planned for December.
— What can we expect from Roger Lavelle in the nearest future?
— For this year I have some more releases coming soon. I still have a lot of time to spend in the studio. Also working on collaboration projects. But I will be focusing on to get more gigs in the near future as well .