Robert Babicz: It's nice being able to help other young producer

Today we are pleased to welcome another artist, Robert Babicz!

Robert Babicz has been redefining the boundaries of electronic music since the early 1990s. His unique artistry encompasses sound, vision, emotion and spirituality. From releasing and performing acid techno as Rob Acid, to his role as a highly-sought after producer and studio wizard infusing technical perfection with deep emotion, to his striking photos, everything Robert does expresses his desire to celebrate beauty and humanity, and to live each moment with utmost consciousness.

Radio Intense talked to the talent about his new remix of Nightsteppaz & Roland Clark - God Was In The Speakers coming on Vibe Me to the Moon and other projects. Find out more below.
Hi Robert, how are you and where are you talking to us from today?
— My home in Malta, I am fine. I just got out of a second covid infection, so I have energy again for more music.
For any readers that are unfamiliar with you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
— I started making music around 1990 and have been touring for a long time under the name ROB ACID. I've released over 1000 tracks in all those years. These days I am also a Mastering engineer and sound designer.

Two years ago, I also started mentoring and teaching people from all around the world everything I know about music production and being a professional artist.
You've recently remixed Nightsteppaz & Roland Clark's 'God Was In The Speakers' on Vibe Me To The Moon. Can you tell us more about your remix and how it came about?
— I got contacted by the label, and I really liked the strange vocals, and wanted to try something.

It was really fun and trippy to play around with the original material.
Do you have a production process in the studio or do you just see how it flows?
— I start working around 10 am at the studio, and decide what I want to do today.

I am in the lucky position to have a wonderful studio with many toys, and it's my toy room, where also the little Robert inside me is having fun, playing around.
You run your own labels Junkfood, Babiczstyle and Dirtcut. How do you go about the A&R process? Do you sign mostly friends or listen to all demos?
— All these labels are mainly for my own output. As I work really fast, means I do 1-2 tracks per day. Thats a lot of music. But sometimes I get a demo from a friend or from a beginner that I really like, then I simply have to release it.
As a live performer, can you tell us about what your setup is like? Does it stay the same or does it vary? What kit do you always use?
— I use Logic at the studio, but Ableton on the stage, so it's a M1 Macbook Air, with controller, and some extra stuff that is changing. But these days I work on a bigger setup, as I want to bring more of the modern modular gear on the stage, and take my old trusty 303, and more.
With things finally back to a bit of normality after the pandemic, what are you enjoying the most? Also did the pandemic affect your time in the studio?
— Because of the canceled gigs and staying at home, I was even more productive than ever. I have hundreds of new tracks waiting to be released. And I really learned to enjoy my mentoring side. It's so nice being able to help other young producer and see wonderful results.
Lastly, do you have any upcoming gigs or projects you would like to tell us about?
— I am looking forward to playing in Ibiza at DC10, as I got invited by Carl Cox to play at his residency. I also did a new album for his label Awesome Soundwaves, that will come out soon. Beside that, I also did a new label called KELCH, that is a special concept. I'm super happy with the first release already.