Richi Risco: house music changed my life!

This evening we are welcoming Richi Risco - a talented DJ and producer from Spain. Richi Risco is one of the most important artists in Spain. He is truly an original, initiative and creative soul! We asked Richi about his musical influences, work in electronic music industry and new release "Babia" on RIM. Find out what an expert answered below!
Hello Richi! How are you doing today?
— Hey! All cool. Really excited with this interview. Thanks for having me!
Tell us more about yourself. What is a story behind the artist "Richi Risco"?
— I suppose that my interest for music has been on my insides since I can remember. From an early age, I've had the necessity to collect music, search for new things and make my own compilations with cassette tapes so I could give them to my friends. To be honest, I've always looked at music as one of the most beautiful treasures of this world.

I've had a punk adolescence and I've also listened to a lot of Reggae, Hip-Hop, Funk, Disco... until around the year 2000, when I got interested by House Music. Specifically at that time, the House music coming from San Francisco with Grahound Recs and the big DJ Garth. The first thing I loved about that style, is a key term in my personality as a DJ/Producer: the fusion of various genres. That San Francisco House had a lot of Funk, Afro, Disco... That first approach, got me also interested on New York's, Detroit's and Chicago's scene. House music changed my life!
How did you start your way in the music industry and how did you start producing tech house?
— Around 2000 I started to learn a lot about the vinyl mixing. A hobby that quickly turned up into a job. In 2015 I decided to open my own House Club and leave my full time hospital nurse job. It was a very tough and risky decision, but I never regreted it.

Music production came way later. It took a long time before I showed my projects that were made at home alone. The first tracks I released were collaborations with good friends of mine: David Herrero or Tini Garcia. I've been very lucky to work with these masters of the production and I've learned a lot.

This Babia EP, it will be my fifth solo EP and nothing will stop me now. :).
We are very happy about your upcoming release "Babia" on RIM. What are the tracks about? What was your inspiration?
— Babia is a DANCING EP, in capital letters. Thought and created to be used on the dancefloor as an scape tool from this stressful world.

It is about a powerful groove ready to support all the ingredients from my musical roots, that mainly come from the Afroamerican music culture.

Named as 'Babia' because of the name of my area. They say that Medieval Kings chose this place for their rest, to disconnect from the court. That's why today in my country there is an expression: 'To Be In Babia' which defines a distracted person. That's the main reason for the name of the track, we all need that place where we can disconnect from everybody, even ourselves. The concentration is a quality that only a few can keep through a long period of time. But when you reach that level, it's often as nice as necessary.

However, My own 'Babia', is the dancefloor. :)
What else are you currently working on?
— The current situation in the world with this Covid-19 pandemic doesn't let me think straight. I don't know where is going to be my future as a DJ. But, I'm happy with my recent incorporation with the agencies Cumac Bookings and also Forever Talente Management. I've placed my trust in them and I'm sure that in the near future everything will be back to normal. Right now, my best motivation is music production.
What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?
— Don't start in this 'DJ World' thinking on geting something in return. Don't think you will end up earning a lot of money or that everybody will help you here. Everything is a lie! Only a few get rich. It's a real joy to earn a legal living and dedicating yourself to something that you are passionate about. Be sure that music is what really fills you. You really need a pure love for music to start in this business. And if what you really want is fame and money or to traffic with your influences...Then you better become a politician!