REVOL: music that we play must evoke emotions and make people move

Today we are happy to present our new guests, REVOL!

This is electronic music project from Ukraine comprised of talented musicians, DJs and sound producers Illia and Mira. They perform hybrid DJ sets and combine a burning mix of live vocal, hypnotic drums and percussion, euphoric swells of different electronic synths, original loops and FX sounds, turning every track into an original live remix with maximum emotions and dynamic level.
To mark the debut REVOL's exclusive video stream on Radio Intense, we invited Illia and Mira for a chat, enjoy!
— Hello guys! How is going? Where are you at the moment?
— Hi, thank you we are great and so appreciated that you invite us to chat here. Now we base at Turkey, Bodrum..
    — REVOL is new name at modern electronic music industry, tell us briefly about yourself, history of your project.
    — We start our collaboration at 2018 in Asia, where we liven before. Illia was professional drummer, Mira was singer, but we were united by the idea of playing electronic house music alive as DJs-musicians. So, since then we have come a long way of ups and downs, rehearsals, concerts, tours at different countries but at every step, we have improved our sound, musical skills and got great stage and studio work experience.
      How do you define your project, music genre?
      — REVOL's music main genres are melodic techno, progressive house, indie dance, afro house. But we don't limit ourself by determine genres, for our opinion all divisions by genres are so conditional, we like to mix different music styles in our sets, trusting own feeling. First of all music that we play must evoke emotions and make people move. We just make electronic music live.
        — Now it's becoming mainstream to play hybrid DJ sets using vocals or live instruments, but your musical equipment rack is really great. Would you tell us more detailed how do you arrange your live setup and processing of life performance?
          — Thank you, we always improve and extend our equipment set. It's like car for men, always wanna pimp own ride). Now we play using Ableton Live with different midi controllers as Push 2, Akai. We use analog, digital and virtual synths and also drum pads from Roland, for vocal processing we use vocal effect processor and VST too. We carefully prepare every our new live set for about one month, coz from each track that we play we make own bootleg or mashup, add own synth melodies, harmony, drum and percussion parts, vocal, some one short sounds and loops. Sometimes we spend more time on the sound check than on our set, but in result we can make great live performance and realise all our musical ideas on stage.
          — Perhaps all that setup is hard to transport during the tour?
            — Yeah, it weighs quite heavily at about 80 kg, we always need extra baggage place. :)
            If you could make collab with any DJ right now, who would you choose? Who inspires you?
            — It's too hard to choose just one DJ. We are absolutely in love with music of Monolink, Who Made Who, Tale of Us, Savage & Shë, Rufus Du Soul and many others. And we are so proud and inspired of our Ukrainian DJs as Artbat, Spartaque, Odyssay, Indifferent Guy, You Are, Monastetiq and others that music we like and play at our sets. So, we'd like to make collabs with all of them.
              — And what are your plans and goals for 2023, guys?
                — Oh, we have a lot. Now we are concentrating on studio work to complete several our tracks that will be released nearest months. Also now we start to prepare our new live video sets for YouTube. This summer we have plans to arrange big tour of REVOL at different countries and continents. But one of our main goal it's join to some biggest electronic music festival such as ADE, Tulum, Tomorrowland or another one.
                  — These are great plans, ambition goals, Illia, Mira! We wish you lucky and success! Thanks for your time, it was very interesting!
                    — Thank you too, wish you the same!