Reset Robot: I'm so happy to be releasing on such a fantastic label as Poker Flat

Radio Intense is happy to present to you our next guest, Reset Robot!

Reset Robot - the alter ego of UK producer, engineer and DJ Dave Robertson - has thrilled some of the world's biggest clubs, and released on the hu- gely influential Drumcode, Mobilee, Hotflush and his own Whistleblower Records.

Landing on Poker Flat this April, his new EP Tired Voice dials into his signature brooding sound, but also finds some new unexplored nuances. We sat down with the man himself to find out more!
Hello Dave! How are you? Thank you for being with us today!
— Thanks for having me!!
So, how did you start your music career? How did you become interested in electronic music?
— At school at around the age of 14 I would say I started listening to dance music. A couple of friends had sets of belt drive decks and we used to pile into their bedrooms after school and mix any records we could get our hands on. We were mixing breaks, trance and house together and it sounded great (to us at least).
You're a self-confessed studio hound... do you spend an unhealthy amount on studio gear?
— I certainly am a studio hound but I wouldn't say I am a complete nerd with regards to equipment. I don't know about all the latest stuff or even the classics. I have a few really nice pieces that I've acquired over the years and I tend to add things slowly. I've made a really nice setup that works for me. Reason at the heart and all my hardware synced and ready to go when I want it.
You're about to release your new EP on Poker Flat, the title track of which was inspired by your newly acquired Moog Matriarch. How long does it usually take you to get up to speed with new bits of kit?
— Once you know your way around a synthesiser you can just apply that to most of them. The Matriarch is slightly different though as its semi-modular. I haven't gone down the modular hole yet so this is a really nice entry point. It came with a book full of different ways to patch the cables which was really helpful. The thing I really love is the 4 Voice Paraphony mode. You can play chords but each of the notes is played one of the 4 OSC's. You can create some incredibly unusual sounds as well as beautiful warm musical chord patterns.
What was it about the Moog that inspired this particular track?
— I had a midi pattern going on one of my soft synths. I tried sending it out to the Matriarch and it was one of those perfect moments where whatever setting it was on at the time sounded awesome. I recorded it in straight away.
This is your debut on Poker Flat right? How did you hook up with them on the release?
— Yes it is. I'm so happy to be releasing on such a fantastic label. Steve sent me a message on Instagram about another one of my tracks. We chatting a bit I asked if I could send some music and after a bit of back and forth he picked these tracks.
We saw you recently released a record under your own name for the first time in over a decade. What differentiates a Reset Robot release from a Dave Robertson one?
— Thats right! I did a collaboration with my good friend Ridney. Its difficult to say what's different as I have been doing the Reset Robot stuff for about 13 years. It just seemed like the right time to do a Dave Robertson record as the sound is quite far away from anything I'm doing under my RR alias. We have plans to release a few more bits in a similar style.
What else should we be keeping an eye out from you over the coming months?
— The Poker Flat release first of all!!! Buzzing for that. I also have another album coming out on Whistleblower Records and I've just completed a remix for the Mia Mendi guys which I'm really excited to share.