Reelow: it was known I will end up somehow in the music world

Today we are happy to welcome Hungarian-born, Barcelona-based DJ/Producer - Reelow. Reelow is famous for not limiting his sound to one genre but incorporating influences from jazz, soul, breakbeat, hip-hop and techno. Radio Intense talked to the mastermind of electronic music about his early years and musician family, his label "Reecords" and other exciting projects. Check it out below!
— Hello Renato! Thanks a lot for your time to answer these questions! How are things going?
— Hello everyone, thanks for having me! I'm doing great thanks, mega busy with a big music project, what will be announced on the 2nd of January.
We would like to know more about Reelow. How everything started? How did you become a DJ and producer?
— Well, I'm from a musician family. Played on trumpet and piano. My whole family is musician, so it was known I will end up somehow in the music world. I was 14 when I played my first set . From that moment I knew that is what I'm gonna do in the rest of my life. Even during a pandemic.
— You are based in Barcelona. How is it right now there considering the situation with the COVID-19?
— Things are fucked, let's be honest. Everything is closed what's releated to music.
Tell us please your 3 favourite venues in Barcelona. Why do you like them?
— Input, Pacha and Apollo. I like them because they are special, especially Input.
In 2018 you launched your own label Reecords. Can you tell us the highlights of the label which happened since then? And any news about the label you would like to share?
— Buff, I'm very happy how the label is evolving. My plan was to release only my music, but as I have seen I have inspired so many artists and they kept sending me the demos. I was like "okay let's do this". We had very recently our first showcase in Budapest Hungary , was a sold out even during pandemic. You see, I'm very happy. Very soon will release a VA called VARCELONA - and only Barcelona based artists will be on it. Very exciting.
Your latest release "Blaster" together Paco Wegmann is already on Desolat. What is a story behind the tracks?
— Yes, it has just came out a few days ago. Tracks has born between us, beginning of the year when we thought we will have clubs to play, so 135 bpm would be crazy but not too crazy. Well, it sounds crazy now, but it's a special EP :)
How is the rest of the year looking for you?
With lot ot studio work. Reading, working out and gonna jump into study Saxophone.